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Reem Acra established her eponymous fashion label in New York in 1997. She is well-known for her beautiful ball dresses, gorgeous lace work, and beaded work fabric. Reem Acra’s wedding collection contains gowns with everything from full-on sequins and exquisite colors to basic lines and inventive minis. So any bride may find the perfect dress in this collection. By scrolling down this page, you can discover both the most current and previous collections made by Reem Acra, so get started right now!

Spring 2023 Collection

Reem’s “Love From Above” is the name of the next collection that will be published by Acra for Spring 2023, and it will have a more refined take on the dramatic flare for which the firm is famed. The person who has lately pursued this line of employment believes that “love dusts us all”. This means that it comes to us from on high at the exact time when we need it the most. “It can engage with us and make our lives more enjoyable.”

By painting figure-hugging shapes and exquisite ball dresses in silky satin and delicate floral print lace, Acra fills each item with a feeling of heavenly inspiration. The clothes seem to be made of paradise as a result of this. You may view samples of her work on the Acra website. The cape, sleeves, and train of the dress can all be removed. Giving brides the opportunity to try on alternative styles before the big day.

Her spring 2023 collection mostly comprises lace fabric, satin fabric, and organza fabric

Spring 2022 Collection

Reem Acra’s new Spring 2022 collection has practically every imaginable shape. As well as embroidered inscriptions and fabrics inspired by peacock feathers. This collection is expected to be released in the spring of 2022. The stunning floral collection was photographed on a castle’s grounds. Allowing the dresses to stand out against the lush environment and giving the collection a more dramatic impression. By looking at the picture right above this one, you may get a peek at the most recent dresses designed with the outdoors in mind.

The collection includes clothing designed from chiffon fabric, floral embroidery, satin, and tulle fabric

Spring 2021 Collection

The year is 2021, and it is spring. Reem Acra is an example of this.

In response to the epidemic caused by the 2020 Covid-19 virus, Reem Acra has christened her forthcoming Spring 2021 collectionUnited Collection.” In the face of the crisis, she did this in an effort to send a message of love, commitment, and solidarity. Acra did not exhibit her sculptures against a blank background. Rather, she accompanied them with paintings of vivid flowers with large petals. Reem Acra’s latest collection includes both dreamy, soft tulle ball dresses. Along with feminine lace embellishment and clean, traditional designs that seem contemporary yet romantic. There is also a range of styles in the collection. Both of these design categories are represented in the collection in varied versions.

Her 2021 collection included georgette silk fabric outfits, tulle, floral print fabrics, and organza fabric

Spring 2020 Collection 

The titles of the wedding dresses in Reem Acra’s “Love from New York” collection were inspired by well-known fictional characters such as Carrie Bradshaw and prominent New York City landmarks such as the Chrysler Building.


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