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If you think you can really be your man’s favorite, you might be mistaken. Nothing could beat the love a man has got for his comfy and go-to shorts. Because there is no comfort greater than the comfort of apparel. However, most men, even those who have endless love for shorts, make the wrong choices when it comes to their purchasing freedom.

Don’t worry! The ultimate guide to men’s shorts will bring everything necessary to your table for making the right selections.

The Origin of the Shorts

Going back into history is not always about remembering dates and memorizing events. However, it is much more about understanding the evolution of things.

In 1890, it was introduced as the scout uniform for boys as knee shorts. However, choosing pants was mandatory after transitioning into maturity. The idea encountered alteration after World War 2. The troops began to wear shirts to fight the heat, but soon after they returned from the battlefield, the notion of wearing shorts as common clothing was introduced all around.

In the modern age, the extensive options in the category are nothing but a portrayal of how sports have evolved to become the must-have clothing item for men.

Types of Shorts

The growing fashion field and the inclusivity of creative minds have outstretched the category with numerous designs. So let’s not take too long and enlist some of the prominent designs.

Running Shorts

The name itself depicts the use of the shorts. Running shorts ensure that one can move freely during exercises. The comfortable design and ease of mobility allow for a sense of freedom. If you really want to experience comfort, choosing Augusta sportswear shorts is a real treat.

Denim shorts

Denim has been in fashion for a long time and even in the modern generation, it is ruling every man’s closet. Likewise, denim shorts made their entrance in the 1960s and are still in demand.

Swimming shorts

Though there is no change in the design, the significant alteration is in the fabric. Swimming shorts, as the name implies, are common for swimming routines for men. Nylon is the key player to make the apparel quickly dry to absorb water.

Pleated shorts

Pleats in any clothing are created during the sewing process. Likewise, the shirts have creases and pleats on the front of the waistband, giving the apparel a basic and minimal look.

Flat-front shorts

The shorts that don’t need any introduction are flat-front shorts. It is the most common design among men’s shorts, having a flat zipper in the front for a low-waisted look.

When should men wear shorts?

Obviously, you are not going to wear shorts to formal meetings and special events. However, it does make it important for you to define when to wear your favorite pair of shorts.

Shorts are in the category of casual wear, specially made to fight the heat without compromising on style. Whether you want to lounge around with friends or want to dance your heart out at a beach party, shorts go along with all the casual and informal events. It not only allows you to appear stylish but keeps you at ease while offering desirable comfort.

Deciding on when to wear shorts is not even a problem if you have a grip on the basics, and we have already made it easier for you. Moreover, to get the attire right, analyze the place you will visit and theme it to make sure you stand out but not in an adverse way.

Find the right fit

You are delving into new designs and patterns that are taking over the category and are setting themselves apart. But, what if you get the wrong size? The entire charm and style would vanish in seconds. Even if you are getting high-quality Augusta sportswear shorts, picking the wrong fit will ultimately ruin the look.

The size chart varies from one brand to another, drawing your attention toward it. Make sure to measure the sizes properly to avoid mistakes when placing orders. You might examine the entire product when shopping in malls. However, online ordering requires you to make the correct size selection in order to achieve the desired look.

To wrap up

The allure of the apparel is in its appearance. However, without knowing about it, you can’t get the most out of it. Thus, we have brought everything to your screen and have worked on bringing some of the essential knowledge to make your styling journey easier. 

The way shorts bring comfort to life, we hope this article brings the right decision on the selection of ideal shorts. Add flawless designs and ultimate comfort to your closet and make it stand out amongst all. Make your picks count and be worthy of attention.