Things to do in Cairo

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Having been the capital of Egypt for thousands of years, Cairo is a fantastic place to visit. From ancient Egyptian temples and pyramids to the modern skyscrapers of the city’s historic district. Cairo has a wide variety of attractions. You shouldn’t leave Cairo without seeing these six beautiful sights.

Famous as a modern hub that attracts travelers who want to explore Egyptian history. It entertains around 8 million tourists every year. Cairo is one of the most visited cities in the world. Wondering about the best time to visit Egypt? Worry not as it is a year-round destination. Without thinking much, start planning, make qatar airways bookings in any class and save up to 60% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, check out all the fascinating Egypt tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss while visiting this beautiful country..!

Opera House in Cairo

Nearly every night of the week, tourists to Cairo can catch a performance at the Cairo Opera House. Also known as the Cairo Khedival Opera, which features seven theatres. You may also see a dance, ballet, or musical performance. Check out the art gallery, opera museum, and music media library, or just grab a bite to eat at the café if opera isn’t your thing.

The Egyptian pyramid at Giza

You shouldn’t miss seeing the pyramids of Giza if you’re in the area. Despite the fact that they are technically outside the city limits. Only the pyramids remain from the original seven ancient wonders of the world. They are the oldest of the seven, having been constructed around 2,50 BC. You can get one every day at 8:30 in the morning, but you better hurry because there are only a limited amount of tickets for each journey.

Cairo’s Egyptian Museum of Artifacts

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is home to more than 160,000 artifacts and 107 exhibit halls, making it the largest museum in Egypt. Visit this museum to get up close and personal with mummies and 5,000-year-old pharaonic artifacts.

The Cairo Tower

Get the best view of the city from above by making the ascent to the top of the Cairo Tower. The tower’s observation deck and revolving restaurant are located at its very tip. The tower stands 187 meters tall. Visitors from outside Egypt will be charged 70 Egyptian Pounds (about 12 Euros). While Egyptian citizens will be charged 20 Egyptian Pounds (about 2 Euros) (approximately 7 Euros).

That City in Which No One Ever Sleeps

The City of the Dead stretches for around 6.5 kilometers. And home to a staggering number of tombs and mausoleums. Many people still make this massive cemetery their permanent residence for a variety of reasons, including the desire to be close to their ancestors and the lack of any other suitable alternatives. One of the most notable aspects of this cemetery is this. If you’re interested in Egyptology and want to learn more about the country’s past, you should definitely check out this famous site. The area is rich in history and is home to numerous structures and landmarks, including the tomb of Sultan Qaitbay.

Known as the Colossus of Ramses II

The 10 m-tall Colossus of Ramesses II is a stunning monument that commands attention wherever it is placed. A museum was built around the statue of the reclined man, making the area extremely well-preserved. The statue can be inspected on the ground or photographed from a second-story balcony. Please make use of your time here to explore not only the Alabaster Sphinx but also the other exhibits and buildings in the museum. Today, the Colossus of Ramesses II may be seen in the Museum of Memphis in the Nile Valley village of Mit Rahina. Which located south of Cairo.

How to reach Cairo?

By Air

A wide range of flights to Cairo, Egypt is available from any major city with an international airport. In spite of the fact that several other airlines and carriers offer direct flights to Cairo, the quickest flight from India takes out from Mumbai. If you want to fly directly to Cairo, Egypt from India, you’ll need to leave through Mumbai. These flights are only available from this city. It is possible to arrange a flight to Cairo from any of India’s main cities, but the journey will likely include two or more stops. 

By Rail

Railways have helped Cairo to become well-connected to several other Egyptian towns. The Egyptian National Railways, one of the earliest and first built railway networks in the Middle East, runs through Cairo on its way to other regions of the country. 

By Road

In and around Cairo, you may find a network of roads and national highways. Though it would be a very long trip, it is conceivable to go from India to Cairo by car. It is necessary to go through multiple countries to reach Cairo. 


The months of November through April are the best time to explore the area because of its very peculiar climate, which consists of eight months of summer and four months of winter. With 9 million people calling the city home, there’s never a moment’s peace. So what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Egypt with AirlinesMap and don’t forget to try these things to do on your next visit to Cairo.