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PRINCE 2 can be a project management framework or it can be a process. It is not a scrum. Scrum is a framework and PRINCE 2 is a project management methodology. Scrum is a software development process which is based on the Agile Manifesto, which contains 6 principles such as focus on customers and delivering working software. These principles are used to guide the team during the Scrum process. Scrum emphasizes communication and collaboration among members of the team and it is based on iterative delivery of user stories. The user stories, in turn, are delivered through various milestones called sprints.

In PRINCE 2, the emphasis is on managing projects and keeping people happy. It uses Prince2 online a set of guidelines to achieve its goal. A PRINCE 2 project is a project plan which consists of seven project phases, namely project initiation, project planning, design, implementation, testing, maintenance and project closure. The phases are divided into three parts:

Project Management Office, Business Management Office and Project Office. The first part, Project Management Office, involves project planning while the second and third parts deal with the project activities. There are four roles within a project: sponsor, team manager, project manager and executive. The sponsor plays an essential role in a project.

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