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The development of a high-end mobile app for your business is not enough if it doesn’t have certain features. You need to attract clients and for that developing an app with some specific features is necessary. So, when strategizing a plan to develop a mobile app, what features should you include?

This blog will help you find a perfect answer to this question. Besides, it will also inform you about certain other facts regarding the features of mobile apps that you need to know.

So, let’s begin!!!

What are the benefits of a feature-rich mobile app for your business?

To increase revenue, your company is largely dependent on a website or a mobile app. Additionally, maintaining a seamless connection with your clients is essential for the expansion of your organization. Now let’s look at the points below that will help you understand what advantages you will receive when you create a feature-rich mobile app.

  • Improves brand image: You no longer need to use standard advertising techniques like banners and flyers to promote your company. These days, creating a mobile application with a user-friendly interface can help you establish your brand and help raise awareness of it. For any business, having an impactful online presence is essential, and with an app, the process is made easier.
  • A good digital marketing channel: When you begin promoting your brand, it’s crucial to offer helpful information. Develop a trustworthy app that not only informs users but also offers effortless support, and it shouldn’t be difficult, right? This type of app provides general information, informs about services and products, etc. Your customers are always curious to know such details and your business app can help. 
  • Provide the best customer support: Since your customers want the best services, you must constantly be prepared to deliver them. With a mobile app that has unique features, you may provide particular services to your clients in addition to being available to them all the time. As a result, you can beat your competitors without any trouble. 
  • Increase your sales: Increasing your sales needs a reliable tool and a mobile app is one that you can always count on. However, it must be built with certain features that will help provide you with advanced facilities. Users always value apps that offer cutting-edge features, and as a result, your sales will increase.
  • Staying competitive: You will always outperform your competitors if you have an app created with cutting-edge functionality. After all, this helps you to beat your competitors by providing better services. Moreover, with an app that has some advanced features, you can also offer customized services. Most significantly, you may stand out with such tools that assist you in providing the greatest customer care.
  • Get access to valuable information: You might require crucial consumer behaviour-based data for the enhancement of your process. This enables you to learn about their preferences and favourite products. Other useful data, such as the overall length of time spent using the app, is also available. Furthermore, it’s not all that tough to figure out which app features your users love the most.
  • Building a loyal customer base: An app with customized and advanced features makes it easier for you to fulfil the needs of your customers. Also, your app helps you stay in touch with your customers seamlessly. With constant interaction with your clients, you can build trust. Building a genuine connection with customers is necessary when it comes to growing your business. This helps boost your sales as you gain trust and also build a loyal customer base.

10 must-have features that your app should include

Now, what are the features your app must possess when it comes to impressing your customers? Here we will help you find an answer to this question, so take a look at the following points. We have highlighted 10 must-have features for your mobile app that a leading app development company would suggest. 

  1. User-friendly interface: Your business app needs to have a user-friendly interface. This is necessary as you need to provide a seamless experience to your customers. Also, your customers need to understand what they can do with your app. Therefore, there should not be any confusion regarding the functions of any buttons or elements visible on the interface. 
  2. Chat support: Adding a call-back option or chat support will never fail to impress your users. Keep in mind that customers who need support must need an immediate response from your company. Waiting for a long period only to get a response from your side will simply annoy them. Also, they may have to find alternative services, and thus you may lose clients. You may give such customers the immediate assistance and support they require by including the chat support feature.
  3. A search option is a must-have: The efficiency of your app may suffer if a search feature is overlooked. Remember that people have various tech skills, and you must develop an app that never fails to guide and support the users. A search option makes navigation a simple process. That’s why it has to be an essential part of your app. This way users can find whatever they want without any confusion. It is crucial to prevent users from abandoning your app out of boredom.
  4. An intuitive UX: An app’s effectiveness will also help you build your brand’s identity. That’s why it must have an intuitive UX that assists in building trust with your clients and making your brand known. Additionally, it ought to have transparent privacy settings that will only show how much you care about your customers’ privacy issues.
  5. Image resolution: In addition to speed and other software features, a high image resolution is necessary. A properly displayed picture improves the app experience and prolongs users’ engagement. The attractive images and fine details on the screen encourage users to return to your app more often. Most importantly, users must feel that staying on your app is worthwhile.
  6. Flexibility: For mobile devices, there are numerous OS options. To get the most use out of your consumers, attempt to make your app available to the majority of them. You must keep in mind the various resolutions and screen sizes for the mobile OS system before publishing your app. Keep in mind that the trial and development procedure in this process takes a little longer. To maintain long-term user satisfaction, you must do this.
  7. A secured design is a must: While developing a business app you can’t ignore its security. Therefore, when developing an app, keep in mind to use security by design strategy. Shift-left rules must be followed by developers, which requires comprehensive security testing across the entire development lifecycle. Ensuring the security of the information that the customers share requires proper security. For that, you need to prepare a design that is secured.
  8. Multi-Factor authentication: Developing an impactful app requires you to keep a balance between data accessibility and data protection. So, a multi-factor authenticator is needed when your app is giving access to information to its users. Keeping your app secured should be your priority. This will not only just help you ensure customer security but also brings your brand close to your clients. 
  9. Flexible text: Expandable or flexible text is not just a good practice for accessibility, but it is also advantageous to all of your users. It gives you the scope to let them enjoy the advantage of enjoying the experience of flexibility. You avoid the need for changes within your app by conforming to the user’s system-level settings.
  10. Automatic speech recognition: Leading app development service providers these days suggest adding this particular feature that users will certainly appreciate. We need to use our hands for the navigation of an app and you can bring a twist to this concept by adding this feature. Users who are unable to use their hands to operate their smartphones, such as those with disabilities, can benefit from automatic speech recognition. Therefore, automatic speech recognition is a requirement if you want to give your users a fantastic voice interaction experience with your app.

Additional features that you could add to 

Apart from the above-mentioned features, you can also add some other features to your app that will improve its effectiveness. Take a look at the following points to know how you can make an app that your users will appreciate.

  • Push notification: The purpose of developing a high-end app is to keep your users engaged. But it is also important to insist your customers return to the app whenever you need to inform them about your new products. 

Push notification is another feature that helps you send notifications, and by clicking on it, the users can return to your app. This way, you can keep them updated about your new launches and also. Moreover, push notification is also helpful for marketing your products or services.

  • AR integration: Future “must-have” features for mobile apps will incorporate augmented reality. It gives users a more compelling and interactive experience. However, the use of AR is yet to be widely accepted. The use of AR may assist to improve the apps and will help to give better services in a variety of industries, from health care to e-commerce.
  • Simplicity: Make sure that the app that you have built is simple and that users don’t find the features complicated to handle. Therefore, simplicity should be the key when you are developing an app. It makes navigation an easy task for the users and also helps the users engage through easy communication. Users will promptly delete your app and choose another if they don’t get what they want from it.
  • A system to receive feedback: You need to collect feedback from your users and that’s why the app should have a feedback system. Knowing how your app is functioning is important for you to bring improvement to your system. 

When you add a feature that lets you collect feedback from your clients, you will know if there is any bug in the system. You will also get informed which feature is most useful and which is not helping them. When other customers read the feedback, they will understand the quality of your app. This also promotes your business and helps build credibility, which is necessary for building a brand.

  • Data catching: Make sure your application is equipped to store as much data as is feasible. Also, your app must be accessible even when it’s not connected to the internet. This is certainly helpful for users to take necessary actions when they are not connected to the internet. So, it must be on your list of planning when looking to develop an app to grow your business.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The way you design your app also plays a crucial role to impress your users. Therefore, choose the app colour and all of the aesthetic elements carefully before including them in your app.

Keep in mind that the users must not be bored and decrease interest in your app. That’s why it has to have an aesthetic appeal that will never fail to impress the users.


Your app is a tool that helps you provide better services to clients by staying in touch with them around the clock. The inclusion of certain features makes this task simpler. Including the features we have mentioned here will ensure that your apps need to provide services that your clients demand. That’s why make it well-featured and well-equipped so that you can achieve your business objectives with it.

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