What Is The Fastest Motorcycle In GTA 5? What Are The Best Ways To Get Bike In GTA 5?

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The best thing about GTA 5 is that it offers a wide range of cars and motorcycles for players to buy within the game’s in-built Buy Mode feature. There are also several other cool vehicles which can be unlocked by spending enough money on them. Only the Special Vehicle upgrade pink slips unlock these hidden vehicles because each vehicle needs its own unique key to start after buying it.

What makes GTA 5 special?

What makes GTA 5 special though, is not just its vast collection of cars and bikes; but also the fact that players get to ride all these vehicles quite easily due to lack of restriction regarding their top speeds, engine power or type of fuel they require (like nitro). This freedom to ride any car or bike on GTA 5 makes it heaven for every car and motorcycle aficionado.

The 6 best & fastest motorcycles in GTA 5

Some best fastest motorcycles in GTA 5 are as given below:

1. Pegassi Bati 801 [$7,000]

This is the best motorcycle to own in GTA 5 online. It’s classy, looks stylish and can easily accelerate past 160mph without any trouble while its handling isn’t too bad either. The only downside of this motorcycle is that it seats only one person while some other bikes can seat 2 or sometimes even 3 players. If you are riding with a friend on this bike then be sure to use the ‘Wanted Down’ cheat code because if cops manage to get behind you both during high speeds then they will most definitely try to ram your bike and spin you out of control.

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2. Shitzu Hakuchou [$9,000]

This is the most expensive motorcycle in GTA 5 online but it’s also super fast, while its acceleration isn’t too bad either. It can reach a top speed of 193mph on this bike which is pretty decent considering that the Bati 801 can only go up to 161mph which seems like peanuts when compared to this bike. What you need to know is that upon reaching high speeds (around 160-180mph) on this bike; it becomes really hard for other bikes or any car for that matter to keep pace with you due to this bike’s amazing speed/engine.

3. Dinka Double-T [$22,000]

This bike’s engine is pretty much like the Hakuchou and its top speed is almost as good as the Shitzu; but it doesn’t look nearly as cool or stylish as the Hakuchou which makes it undesirable for some players who want to flaunt a classy bike in GTA 5 online. On the other hand, if you are looking for something affordable yet fast enough to take down other players then this bike is perfect for you.

4. Pegassi Bati 801RR [$20,000]

If you own this special unlockable motorcycle then there’s no stopping you! This bike can go up to well over 200mph which is even faster than the Hakuchou. It looks pretty much like the Bati 801 but with a nice aerodynamic design which somehow makes this bike handle slightly better than all other bikes mentioned in this list, despite being so fast.

5. Shitzu Vader [$16,000]

This bike’s acceleration isn’t too bad considering its price tag and top speed of around 155mph doesn’t disappoint either. What you need to know though is that it’s very heavy so it becomes really hard for players who are not use to riding heavy motorcycles to maneuver this bike at high speeds or during intense chase scenes; where there are lots of obstacles blocking your path (like cops ramming you etc). Nonetheless, players who like to ride heavy bikes in GTA 5 online would love this bike’s ‘unforgiving’ handling.

6. Western Daemon [$9,000]

This is the cheapest and the slowest motorcycle in GTA Online; but despite its poor speed compared to other motorcycles mentioned in this list; it has a decent top speed of 124mph which is still very fast for many other cars in GTA 5 online. Riders who want a nice balance between price and performance should consider buying this super cheap yet decent looking bike.

Why do people love these motorcycles so much?

These 6 top motorcycles in GTA 5 Online are some of the best and fastest bikes in GTA 5 Online, period. They might not be special unlocks like the Akuma but they still look awesome and handle great while going past limits that most players thought were impossible for motorcycles to achieve (in terms of speed). Whether you like riding alone on your own motorcycle or having a motorcycle gang with your friends, these motorcycles are a must have for all GTA 5 Online players.

What is the ranking of motorcycles in GTA 5?

Some of the most expensive and fastest motorcycles in Grand Theft Auto V are: Bati 801, Hakuchou Drag, Shotaro, Zombie, Carbon RS/RR. This guide provides “Top 3” list for these bikes.

Bati 801 (Rank 1)        

The fastest bike in GTA 5 game is Bati 801. It can achieve top speed up to 115 mph or 185 kph with stock engine properties including nitro boost. Also, this sports bike has high acceleration when compared to other competing super-sports like Hakuchou Drag and Shotaro. Thus it helps you make 0-60 mph sprint in merely 2.2 seconds (with nitro boost). Plus there is no downtime of turbo acceleration.

Hakuchou Drag (Rank 2)

Hakuchou Drag 2nd is on “Top 3” fastest motorcycles in Grand Theft Auto V ranking list. Its top speed is about 112 mph or 180 kph with stock engine improvements including nitro boost. It has high acceleration rate and can accomplish 0-60 mph sprint in merely 2 seconds (with nitro on).

Also it has quick deceleration and doesn’t need much time to regain the cruising speed. But, this bike does not have any drawback like turbo downtime; thus it can hit its top speed without making a stop. However, on long run Bati 801 outperforms Hakuchou Drag in terms of top speed.

Carbon RS/RR (Rank 3)

The third fastest motorcycle in GTA V is Carbon RS/RR with a max speed of 105 mph or 169 kph without any engine property upgrade. But, when it is upgraded to the full level 1 (with all three properties), its top speed can far exceed other high-end motorcycles like Shotaro and Zombie. Its acceleration rate is also good compared to Shotaro and Zombie.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which bike is best?

Above mentioned all bikes are best. Now it is your choice which type of bike you will prefer.

  • What is the fastest bike in offline?

Death bike is the fastest bike in offline GTA 5.