What Influences Students' Preference for Study in Italy?
What Influences Students' Preference for Study in Italy?

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Study in Italy

Imagine being at the center of learning with all the great institutions in the World surrounding you, great and rich cultural heritage, exotic food, and many other attractions right there for you at your dream study destination of yours. Yes, Italy has all this to offer you. Italy is much more than just an attraction to students all across the world. Those who study in Italy get to experience a lot of other adventures than just being a bookworm. Here is what influences students’ preference for study in Italy.

IELTS for Study in Italy

It will be simpler for you to understand the study abroad syllabus if you have an IELTS qualification, which is a requirement for studying in Italy. To help you prepare, you must, nevertheless, work with an IELTS coach. Join the best IELTS coaching in Jaipur to get the band score you need.

5 Reasons to Choose Italy for Study Abroad

Below, we are listing the top five reasons which make Italy, the best place to study abroad.

Knowledge is the Top Priority

Well, if you are going to study at a foreign University, then your topmost priority is that you should get the best knowledge of the subject you are studying and Italy takes the ground here. You have the University of Bologna, the University of Padua, and many other great colleges here only. No matter whether you study business, fashion, art, or history here, the faculty and the staff are always there to enhance your learning experience. The classroom lectures are fairly accompanied by field trips, museum visits, exchange programs etcetera. And all these result in giving the optimum scope of knowledge to the students.

Less Painful to Your Wallets

This point might seem a bit odd but the expense of education in Italy is highly affordable when compared to other countries like America or Canada. You will be getting World class education at a highly affordable price. Plus, the Universities in Italy are highly indulged in scholarship programs. And if you possess a good score in IELTS or other exams, then getting a scholarship is a fairly easy task for you. Other expenses like living costs and tuition fees are also much more affordable in Italy.

No Shortage of Exposure

 Apart from the primary idea of quality education by studying abroad in Italy, you will also be given exposure to a lot of practical knowledge as well. The colleges conduct frequent field trips to museums and other institutions to teach the students in a better way. In this way, you’ll not only be educated but will also be trained at a good pace. The teachers are always there for your support whenever you need them. All these small contributions make your study abroad experience a fruitful one.

Getting Hold of a New Language

Of course, it’s not a compulsion for you to learn Italian in Italy. But, if you are there, then it is quite easier for you than learning it somewhere else. You are a part of the Italian culture and environment and thus, adapting to their language is a bit convenient. In this way, you will be getting knowledge of another language as well, which would surely help you somewhere in life.

Rich Culture and Food

Whenever you are with a new set of people, then you definitely get to learn a few new things. And Italy is itself a land of cultural heritage. They celebrate many great festivals like Carnival, Game of the Bridge etcetera. All these make you a bit more familiar with the culture and enhance your learning.

How can we forget the exotic food that you’ll be getting in Italy? The birthplace of Pizza and Pasta has a lot more to offer other than these two. Risotto, Lasagne, and many more are waiting for you in Italy.

These are the best of five reasons which we have found and are sufficient enough to make you an admirer of education in Italy.