composite decking melbourne

Decking refers to the process of installing a flat surface that will be able to support weight, generally constructed outdoors. It is like a floor elevat from the floor. Connecting the nearby building. There are mainly two types, wood decking and composite decking. You can find different composite decking in Melbourne. Composite decking is preferr over wood decking for many reasons. 

Composite Decking 

It is a significant alternative to a timber deck. This decking product is made of a mixture of different components. Eco-decking Melbourne is made of a mixture of wood. And plastic fibres along with some bonding agents and other additional agents to increase the product’s longevity. These materials are heat to shape them as boards.  

Composite decking is much better than wood decking. In the last years, composite decking has been preferr over timber decking by homeowners as it needs much less maintenance than wood decking. It is also more durable because its plastic contents provide damp and rot resistance. In addition to this, you will get different colour options in composite deckings, like grey composite decking and white composite decking.

Components of Composite Decking 

Composite decking is also known as Wood Plastic Composite or WPC. As we know, composite decking is a mixture of polymer compounds, wood flour and other additives which help bond the other materials. The usage of all these materials is list below.

Polymer Compounds

Polymer or plastic is one of the main components of composite decking, which consists of about 20-30 per cent of the total material. Polymer compounds such as polyethene. Polypropylene and PVC are . These plastic compounds are sourc by recycling similar industry materials. Among all these compounds, polypropylene is preferr over the others by composite decking supplier in Melbourne; it provides better structural strength and performance.

Polypropylene has a higher melting point and absorbs less heat. Composite decking made of polypropylene is sturdy and offers better performance as it has resistance to flexing and sagging between joists. This characteristic of polypropylene improves the overall structural integrity and aesthetics by allowing for increased flexibility and creative design.

Wood Flour

The second key component of composite decking is wood fibres. This hardwood flour uses fine sawdust, wooden chips and other wooden fibres, and this is much less expensive than plastic compounds. Wood flour constitutes about 60-70 per cent of the total decking material. This wood flour, like the polymer compounds. Is mainly made by reusing similar industrial and post-consumer materials. 

Polypropylene or polyethene is often as a plastic compound by composite decking suppliers in Melbourne. Composite decking made entirely of plastic or PVC can heat up quickly. Therefore, to keep it cool and have less heat retention. The plastic compounds are blend with hardwood flour. In addition to keeping the deck cooler, the wood flour made of high-quality hardwood also adds to the durability and strength of the deck, assisting in enduring heavyweight. 

Bonding Agent 

As we know, composite decking is made by the process of co-extrusion. Where the raw materials are extrud and pushed through a die. We understand that the composite has two primary ingredients: plastic compound and wood flour. In addition to these two, chemical additives are add, acting as binding agents.

These chemical additives seem invisible but play a crucial role in forming the composite. It is vital to choose the precise type of additives as it influences the chemical and physical properties of the composite and determines the performance and longevity of the deck. These additives help to prevent edge tearing and help to achieve smooth surfaces and economical line speeds. 


Therefore, all the above-mentioned components make composite decking more advantageous than traditional timber decking. Now that you know the components of composite decking and how they make it long-lasting and assist in delivering better performance than wood decking, you must have gained some clarity about why you should go for composite decking. 

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