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Both of the software are very good at performing electronic medical services. They have positioned themselves very well in the market for EMR software as a very potent software company. They are very similar in terms of the solutions they provide and the specialties they are best suited for. The software interfaces are designed with practitioners\users in mind. 

NextGen EMR Features 

NextGen EMR is an award-winning cloud-based software. It provides extremely good capabilities for larger medical facilities. The software is designed for multiple or single specialty practices. This EHR software can handle both administrative and clinical tasks. It offers solutions for things like revenue management appointment scheduling. The software also helps its users to save time and give more accurate and higher quality health care. And with that the users can increase in overall revenue generation and patient satisfaction of the establishment. There is a licensable feature NextGen Office formerly known as NextGen Meditouch. The software also has a phone app and it enables smooth workflows and also enhances the efficiency of operations. For the billing side of the business, the software supports medical billing which gives way for business growth, profitability, and efficiency. 

Some of the key features of NextGen: 

  • Practice Management. 
  • Patient Portal. 
  • Dunning Management. 
  • Code & Charge Entry. 
  • Payment Processing. 
  • Claims Scrubbing. 
  • Compliance Tracking. 
  • Quotes/Estimates. 

NextGen EMR Demo: How to Request It? 

Asking for the demo is very straight forward and intuitive. All the customer has to do is go onto the company website and click on the ‘Request a Demo’ buttom and it will take to a form. There the customer has to fill out a simple form that reqiures very basic details. Afterwards the sales representative will tell the customer about the features of the software. The customer can also telephonic call with the company rep.  

NextGen EMR Pricing and How to Go About It? 

The company does not offer the pricing of the software on their website. That is a part of their marketing and pricing strategy. Although, any concerned customer can go onto any third-party website and get themselves a quote on the pricing. The software also comes with a free trail that the customer can use. There is no free version of the software being offered. 

NextGen EMR Reviews and How they Stack Up? 

The software is very reviewed on the internet. The software is rated 4\5 at softwareadvise.com based on 1214 user reviews. It is also rated 4\5 on ambitionbox.com based on 132 user reviews. 

Kareo EMR Outline 

Kareo Clinical is cloud-based EMR software that is designed for single medical practices. This software includes a comprehensive suite of and very integrated capabilities. They help to streamline its users’ daily operations and also allow the physicians to focus more time on their patients. The software helps health care facilities increase productivity, boost revenue and provide improved healthcare. Practitioners can be up and running extremely quickly after signing up. The software is without the to worry of maintaining and updating any aspects of the software. Kareo can be used across a wide variety of medical specialties and operational requirements. 

Some of the key features of Kareo: 

  • Reporting/Analytics. 
  • Code & Charge Entry. 
  • Claims Scrubbing. 
  • Patient Management. 
  • Patient Intake. 
  • Dunning Management. 
  • E-Prescribing. 
  • Outcome Assessment Tools. 

How to Request Kareo EMR Demo? 

Requesting a demo from Kereo EMR is very simple and easy. All the customer has to do is go on to the company’s website and press the demo option. The customer will have to fill out a simple form and afterwards the sales representative will contact the customer and inform them about the features. The company does not offer free trial for the software. 

Kareo EMR Cost: How to Get the Best Deal? 

The company does provide the pricing of the software. But again, the customer has to fill out a form and then the sale representative will contact them and give them a custom pricing package. There is no room for negotiations as everything is already decided. The company is not offering a free version of the software. 

Kareo EMR Reviews: What Do They Tell Us? 

The software is rated 4\5 on softwareadvise.com based on 363 user reviews. It is also rated 4\5 at getapp.com based on 599 user reviews. 

Major Drawbacks of Each Software 


  • There is a learning curve for the software for new users. 
  • The software has a slow responsive time. 
  • Customer support is slow and unresponsive. 
  • The filing feature lacks outside input. 


  • The interface is a bit glitchy and filled with errors. 
  • The is falling behind and needs a major update. 
  • The slow operations of the software affect productivity. 
  • The billing feature does not work properly. 

Future Prospects of Each Software 

NextGen and Kareo are on a path that will lead both of these software companies to success. They are investing in areas that are not their strong points. NextGen is further expanding their operations to more counties in an effort to provide a much larger customer support network. They are also opening a new customer experience center and doubling up on the marketing aspect of the business. Kareo has taken a different path and decided to invest in developing their software. They are trying to make the software into a much better version both in terms of useability and interface. They are also adding new features to the software and making it more assessable to more specialties and practices. 


Both these software are very good in terms of the operational functionality they provide to their customers. Every customer first needs to assess themselves and figure out what their needs and requirements. They need to know which software is best suited to meet them. They also need to consider other factors like drawbacks and budgetary constraints. After going through the entire process only then should they make the commitment and choose a software that best fits into their operational mold

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