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“Design is intelligence made visible” says Alina wheeler who is a top design and branding expert. According to the surveys conducted user experience is the most important and deciding factor in any online business. Most of the users would stop using the website if they find the user interface not so interactive or if they are lacking some basic features. And this though equally applies for all the websites but drastically hits any e- commerce website.

A digital marketing and web development company therefore must make sure that they pay attention to a few basic points and make sure that they fulfil the basic criteria expected by the customers, any added features will act as brownie points for the website in the long run. The companies keep on updating their websites and are bent on making it more and more user friendly so that people from all the age groups and from almost every part of the world are comfortable in using the website. So, here we will be discussing a few basic yet most important features that are required to keep your website attractive, user friendly and ultimately maintain its ranking on the search engines.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design as told earlier is the most important factor in determining the popularity of the website. A responsive web design will not only make your site attractive and user friendly but will at the same time help in drawing conversions as well. A number of times it has been noticed that there are website views but comparatively less conversions and the primary reason behind this is that the concerned website’s user interface may not be interactive enough which stops the user from reaching the desired products.

Homepage Design

The homepage design also matters a lot when it comes to the popularity of the e-commerce web design. A homepage must be designed in such a way that it attracts customers and generates impulsive buying as well. This becomes the primary aim of the website to sell the products by whatever means possible and what can be a better option than displaying all your best products, the discounts available and all sorts of attractive offers that may be available on the homepage itself.

Product Pages

The product pages are also important as they are not on the display as the home page. The product pages must therefore be organized and arranged displaying all the wanted items serially. A good and organized product page will give a view of all its most wanted and best rated product on the top searches itself. This will help the user in deciding quickly about the products that he/ she is supposed to buy. The b2c ecommerce website must also make sure that the make the compare option available on its product pages as this will help in understanding the pros and cons of the various products and ultimately help them in choosing their desired product.

Shopping Cart Page Design

Shopping cart page design again is a factor which impacts the popularity of the website. There are numerous websites which do not have a proper cart page design and therefore then end up in losing their customers. The cart design must be in such a way that it displays everything in detail even on the checkout page. This makes it easy for the customer to verify things before placing an order. Details such as the quantity, colour, size, etc of all the selected items must be visible, as this makes things easy for the customer and increases the popularity of the website.

Summing Up

There are a number of things that should be paid attention by the digital marketing and web development company in order to make the website of a client company a successful one. While there are various reasons which make a website a successful or unsuccessful one but the basic features have been discussed above in the article. Th user interface and experience remains the top priority and this is what makes the website a popular one.

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