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Having a mortgage life cover is a relief for the borrowers and the lenders. In the event of death, disability or breach of the borrowers, their family will no longer have to worry about repaying the remaining instalments of their mortgage. The lender can also get their money from the insurance companies. Different insurance firms are offering variety of mortgage life cover policies for different fields as per the conditions and needs of insured. But mortgage life cover has several benefits, including:

  • Peace of mind of the borrower’s family members after death
  • Guarantee the payment of the mortgage remaining instalments 

By thoroughly comparing the insurance companies’ products and identifying the borrowers’ needs and financial conditions, SWG Mortgages specialist advisors help borrowers buy the right coverage at the desired rates and conditions.

SWG Mortgage advisors are here for your assistance of the borrowers with various stages while getting a mortgage and will let you guide in proper direction during various stages. Moreover, SWG advisors, with years of experience in mortgage consulting services specialized in mortgages for contractors, self employed, professionals and many other specialized areas.