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Are you thinking of investing your money in the real estate market? Buying a residential apartment is not the only option, the truth is that there are many types of real estate investments that can bring you great benefits for your finances and your personal economy.

To choose a property to buy, it is important to consider a few main variables. Among them is location. This will determine the economic and social level of the area, the proximity to points of interest, and the predominant age range of the people who live in the region. And so, you will be able to understand if it is a smart decision and if the property has a chance of generating a difference in your assets.


This is perhaps the most common type of real estate investment. When you can save, most people do it thinking about buying a home of their own and not having to pay rent every month.

Those who already have their own home, seek to invest in apartments or houses to rent and receive a fixed income. From a financial point of view, investing in residential property has the benefit that it is a market that is always growing because the population is always increasing.

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The most common type of commercial property is a store or business, but the term also applies to hotels, restaurants, or commercial storage spaces. Usually, this type of investment requires a higher capital and has complexities since the rental contracts are usually longer than those of the residences.

3.     OFFICES

Another way to invest in real estate is to buy a building, premises, or office. This is a market sector that is growing in many cities around the world. Although this type of investment has a high return, it is very important to carefully choose the area and the type of property because it is a market that has less demand than those residential homes.


Parking in the city is becoming more and more complicated, which is why another sector of the real estate market that is on the rise is that of storage spaces. As with the investment in offices, with parking lots it is also essential to find an area that has a high commercial value, otherwise, the investment will not be very profitable.

5.     TRUSTS

Did you know that it is possible to invest in a real estate trust and generate income? It’s simple: anyone can invest capital in a trust, which is responsible for acquiring real estate for rent, and generating returns for all members of the trust.


Have you ever heard about this trend? These are investors who buy a house or apartment at auction and remodel it to raise its market value and then sell it. It is a very profitable investment, but the truth is that it requires spending a lot of time and having enough liquidity to face many expenses and not knowing exactly when you will be able to get your money back.


Buying land is a great idea if your savings are not enough to buy a built property. Residential lots are very affordable, but they are also very versatile. Why? Because after buying it, you can build a house to live in, a house to rent, or sell it again as soon as the market value has increased.

It is important to have the advice of an expert in the real estate market to know in which areas it is convenient to buy land. Because if you invest in a suitable area, you will be able to o

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