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It doesn’t matter if your house is big or small, you can always make it look good by following the right advice. To decorate a small house you need to know how to create wide visual effects so that it gives the impression that it is a bigger place than it really is. Here we tell you how to achieve it!

Decorating small spaces comes with some very unique challenges. Scratch that: Decorating small space can feel nearly impossible—particularly when you’re dealing with a lack of any meaningful storage space. 

How to decorate a small house?

  • Pint of light colors
  • Avoid prints
  • Use thin, light shades
  • Choose functional furniture
  • Don’t use too many decorations
  • Organize and embed objects in the walls
  • Decorate with mirrors
  • Use decorative boxes

Pint of light colors

A common mistake in decorating small spaces is to use dark colors on the walls. You should know that this, in addition to subtracting lighting from your house, creates the illusion that your space is smaller than it is. It is advisable to opt for light tones, these will give the greatest visual effect of spaciousness and will also give more lighting to your home.

Avoid prints

By adding prints to your decor you will be adding visual weight, which will also make your space seem much smaller. It is better that you avoid them and try to use plain colors to give the illusion of spaciousness that you want.

Use thin, light shades

Lighting is also key when we try to make a small space look bigger. Try not to cover the natural light that enters your home with very thick or dark curtains. Instead, use some white or light colored ones that allow light to pass through, even if they are closed. This will give the feeling of being in a larger and more open space.

Choose functional furniture

If your new house is small, it is implicit that you must get furniture that fits the space, but try to choose them also according to their practicality. We recommend that you look for furniture that has more than one function, such as a sofa bed, or a mattress base with drawers. In this way you will save the space that two different pieces of furniture would occupy with a single function.

Don’t forget that light tones in decorating small spaces is key. Like the walls, try to make your furniture the same colors. This will increase the illusion of spaciousness.

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Remember that what you are looking for is to remove visual weight, not add it. When we talk about decorating small houses, less is more. Avoid filling your house with decorations and instead opt for a simple decoration. If there are free spaces it will give the illusion that the place is bigger. Also, the fewer items you have, the easier and faster it will be when cleaning.

Organize and embed objects in the walls

Give use to the walls, do not forget that these are also spaces that can be used. You can put shelves to store things that take away your space and thus make it look tidier and at the same time be part of the decoration. You could also choose to hang the television on a wall to save the space of a piece of furniture that supports it.

Although the walls will be very useful, try not to abuse their use. If you are going to use shelves avoid placing them on all the walls, it is better that you place them in the same part to continue having free spaces that make your house look bigger, and that you put them in a straight line so that it looks tidy and also contributes an effect of amplitude.

Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors are a very helpful tool in decorating small houses, because in addition to their function as an object and as a decorative element, they give the illusion that the space is larger by reflecting some part of it and, at the same time, it increases lighting of the place if you place them on a wall that reflects light.

Use decorative boxes

A common problem when you have a small house is the lack of space to store all your things. However, there are also boxes or baskets that can decorate your space and at the same time are useful for storing your belongings. Make use of them, take advantage of the space to store things and at the same time decorate your home.

Do not forget that, as in any house, order is paramount. If you keep everything in place the more your decoration will shine and the more the sensation of visual spaciousness will be created. Now you can start decorating your little home!

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