Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, with many users worldwide. The use of this platform is not only to get friends, interact, or even share moments through posts, pictures, or videos, but also for business and marketing purposes. 

Facebook continues to develop its technology. One of the features that they offer is a business page where people can market their brand through Facebook. Sophisticatedly, they also provide marketing strategy tools to make it easier for companies to sell their brands.

Despite not being difficult, marketing a brand on Facebook is still not straightforward. You must be aware of the strategies for managing your brand on Facebook. Here are some techniques to help you to market your business through Facebook: 

1. Create Your Business Page

A Facebook business page is to share your business’s information with the public so you can connect with your target customers. 

By creating a business page on Facebook, you will get some benefits such as increasing brand awareness, reducing marketing costs, improving SEO for your business, and boosting web traffic if you also provide a link to your company’s website.

It would be best if you created your page to stand out since many companies also use Facebook as their digital marketing strategy to sell their brands, products, or services. Moreover, people who click a “like” on your page will get updates about your new posts.

2. Set A Good Profile

Setting an excellent profile to make your page stand out more than others. For example, you are using a profile and cover photos. In this case, utilizing your company’s logo is strongly advised. 

Facebook must set a profile and cover photos on a page. Based on Facebook’s requirement, the profile photo size is shown up at 170×170 pixels on a computer, while on a smartphone, it is 128×128 pixels. 

Compared to a profile photo’s size, a cover photo needs 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels high on a computer. On a smartphone, it is 640 pixels in width by 360 pixels in height. So make sure to choose pictures that have good quality and fit the size requirement.

3. Provide Your Business’s Information. 

Adding clear information about your business is essential. It includes a story behind how you create your business, contact information, and products or services with photos or videos. 

You can also provide a FAQ box, a link to your website, or a call-to-action button. Moreover, you can categorize your business page according to your company’s field, such as Digital Marketing Company.

4. Make A Content Strategy

Knowing what content you create and post to your page is crucial and when is the right time to post it. You must be aware of the preferences of your target market. Great content can help to attract people to your page. 

Creating creative and engaging photos or videos will help you reach wider audiences. You can create compelling video content like product videos, explainer videos, or even presentation videos to tell about your brand and what products or services you offer. 

Provide the brief information and don’t make it too long. You can also hold events like a contest or giveaway that offers gifts, so people are interested in joining and following your business.

Furthermore, there is no perfect answer about the best time to post on Facebook. By frequently posting on your page, you will know when people are often active on Facebook through Facebook Insights. Thus, scheduling your activity to post something on your page is necessary. 

5. Use Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook offers an advertising feature called Facebook Ads. You can manage it all on Facebook Ads Manager. Using that tool, you can set and edit your target audience and budget and change the ad placement for your business. 

There will be a campaign dashboard on Facebook Ads Manager. Using the search bar, you may discover your campaigns and advertising settings. In addition, by selecting the dates next to the search bar, you may narrow the period range.  

6. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights presents the data that comes in from your business page. This feature can help you to know how many interactions on your posts or even your page. You will discover how visitors interact with the posts on your page and what kind of content they like. 

On the overview page, you can see the actions on your page, such as how many users view and like your page, how many people you can reach through your posts and stories, etc. Additionally, you can export the data into a file document too. 

Wrapping Up

From the techniques above, now you know how to market your business through Facebook. Numerous Facebook features are still available that can be useful. It would be hard and complicated if you don’t learn more about Facebook’s features. 

However, using Facebook to sell your brands will benefit you a lot. No need to hesitate to use Facebook as your marketing strategy. 

Author Bio

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: [email protected] 

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