PhD Dissertation
PhD Dissertation

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The PhD dissertation is a long piece of academic writing highly sensitive to the originality of the research. After submitting a PhD dissertation, the candidate will get his PhD degree sooner or later. However, to ensure a brighter future, a student must not write a PhD thesis only to get a degree. Instead, you must learn at maximum from this final stage of your academic life. To improve the quality of your thesis, you must thoroughly search for the objectives of every section of a dissertation to draft it better. What are you writing for? What is a particular section meant for? How can I further improve the quality of the content? And many such questions will help a PhD dissertation in scoring better. Thus, in light of the importance of quality assessment in PhD dissertation writing, this article will describe the importance of the background of a research study in a PhD dissertation.

What Is The Background Of The Research Study Mean To The Dissertation?

As a matter of course, the background of the research study identifies and presents the nature and history of a topic of interest with special reference to existing literature. Stated in another way, it is the brief outline of the most important facts one should study to know the fundamentals of your research. In more common words, it is the brief history of the key terms and concepts that are central to a study. All in all, the part of the dissertation that contains all fundamental information, definitions, origins, related studies in chronological order, and the role of different contributors in a field of interest is the background section of the PhD dissertation. 

What Is The Difference Between The Background And Introduction?

Most of the time, the two terms, ‘background’ and ‘introduction’, are used interchangeably in the dissertation. However, these two terms are a bit different based on a few points. The introduction part contains preliminary information about your study, while the background aims to specify the importance of the paper. Background describes a particular topic in the context of its origin, while the introduction gives only an overview. Moreover, for writing both, you must first know your audience very well. Thus, the background section, as well as the introduction of a dissertation, have their own importance in academic writing.

What Is The Importance Of The Background Of The Research Study?

A PhD dissertation, like other dissertations, must start with well-structured and eye-catching introductory lines. After briefly describing the overview of the research problem, the next part must be the background of your study. Providing background information in a dissertation is important due to many reasons. The most important one is that it provides the reader with the necessary information to know the nature of the study. Cultural, economic, political, physical, philosophical, historical, temporal, and social factors are among the most aspects that one can include in the background of a research study.

Secondly, background information helps the author to set the stage so the reader can better digest the upcoming information. It helps the authors to elaborate on the key points overviewed in the introduction. This elaboration gives an opportunity for other authors to assess your basic understanding of the topic. Thirdly, it facilitates both the author and reader to evaluate their position on the specific situation.

Last but not least, it is a platform where you can summarise important and relevant information in research studies. This summary in the background is to inform readers of what is previously known before your analysis. As a big picture, the background of the study gives the reader all relevant facts about a topic of discussion, so they can appraise the material or facts you will provide in the rest of the dissertation. It aims to contextualize a study. 

What Are The Steps In Writing The Background Of The Research Study?

The background of the research study suggests authors focus on three major aspects. First, to engage readers with broader themes and topics that can best explain the questions, concept, and passion for researching in the light of the most appropriate theories. Also, the PhD dissertation background should describe all concepts, theories and questions clearly and concisely. Besides, the theories, concepts and questions in a study must demonstrate the author’s passion, experience, and knowledge. While keeping in mind all these three things, you can follow the following steps to write a background research study:

Step 1: Determine The Purpose Of A Study:

The background of the research study must clearly focus on the purpose of your study. For this, you first have to prepare one or two statements to briefly summarise the purpose of your study and place these lines at the top of the background section.

Step 2: Find The Roots Of The Given Study:

Immediately after describing the purpose or significance of your study, discuss the root cause of the problem under study. It needs research, but you will definitely find a lot of information to complete this part.

Step 3: Write A Short Review Of The Area Of The Interest:

Describe why solving a specific problem is insignificant. In the background of the research study, the reader always wants to see how this research will be an opportunity for him. What impact it will have on the future of humans and many more? So, describing your area of interest is necessary.

Step 4: State Previous As Well As Current Information That Surrounds Your Issue:

Previous information, as well as current information, is an integral part of the background of the research study. Without it, your reader can never understand what has been done, what research trends are common these days and how to improve the condition through future research.

Final Thoughts:

Writing the background of the research study is among the preliminary steps to writing a PhD dissertation. To complete this part of the dissertation, the author needs to gather all basic information regarding a problem under study. It is important as it works by making the reader’s mind receptive for better absorption of upcoming chapters.

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