OnePlus TV

After dominating the smartphone market, the brand has shifted its focus to its Smart TVs and probably that is the main reason why the global brand now has not one but three completely different TV series in the market for targetting customers with different sets of priorities, with the Y series OnePlus is trying to woo consumers with affordable pricing and premium features. 

If you wish to buy Oneplus tv from the reputed house of OnePlus but are not sure which one fits your needs, then you are in the right place. Let’s take a closer look to find out the similarities and differences between the OnePlus TV (32Y1) and the OnePlus TV Y1S (32Y1S):

OnePlus 32-inch TVs: Impressive picture quality

Much like the premium-grade OnePlus U1 smart TV series, the OnePlus Y series TVs come packed with display panels that boast of a high NTSC Colour Gamut, which results in amazing picture quality and to-the-point colour accuracy without making them appear boosted or washed out. The overall display quality is pretty impressive, especially considering the price point of both models.

Both the OnePlus 32-inch TVs are powered by the company’s signature Gamma processing engine, which is also used in their premium-grade siblings of the OnePlus Q series. The Gamma processing engine improves picture quality efficiently by executing real-time image quality optimisations. It also extends features such as Random Noise Reduction, Adaptive Contrast and Ultra Smooth Motion. With the hugely popular Y series, the manufacturer has also introduced other features that reduce ghosting and blur effects.

OnePlus 32-inch TVs: Premium design

Both OnePlus 32-inch TVs come with bezel-less panels, which is not surprising as the Y Series is known for maximising the display space to create an immersive viewing experience. The design language of both OnePlus 32-inch TVs is quite similar, with a couple of minor differences.

Both of these Smart TVs offer an impressive screen-to-body ratio and premium bezel-less design so that they can seamlessly blend with the interiors of your living room.

OnePlus 32-inch TVs: Dolby Audio support

Even though both OnePlus 32-inch TVs come with a sensible budget-friendly price tag, the audio system of both Y series Smart TVs sounds impressive. The sound system of these LED TVs is powered by Dolby Audio, ensuring a “cinematic soundstage” to completely immerse the user into their favourite movies, sports event or shows. The two Smart TVs also feature a surround sound system that delivers crisp clarity without missing any beats. The sound configuration on the TVs is handled through two 20W full-range stereo speakers, which is more than sufficient for a medium-sized room.

OnePlus 32-inch TVs: Smart features

Whether you are opting for a mid-range or premium grade Oneplus TV, you can stay assured of getting a number of premium features. Both of the OnePlus 32-inch TVs come packed with the Android TV platform topped with the brand’s signature interface to enhance your overall experience with better customisation options. This is, again, the same software that also powers the premium-grade OnePlus U1 smart TV. The Android TV not only comes with tens of thousands of apps but also offers premium features, including compatibility for Chromecast built-in on the TVs.

The brand also included a Data Saving feature which assures OnePlus TV users better control over their network usage by smoothly limiting network bandwidth on individual apps. The manufacturer also included the OnePlus Connect app, which you can quickly install on your phone to easily control the Smart TVs when you can’t find the physical remote control. 

Main Differences between the OnePlus TV (32Y1) & OnePlus TV Y1S (32Y1S)

  • The OnePlus 32-inch TV (32Y1) was launched in June 2020, whereas the OnePlus TV Y1S (32Y1S) was launched in February 2022.
  • The OnePlus 32-inch TV (32Y1) features an 81 CM LED screen compared to the 80 CM LED screen of the OnePlus TV Y1S (32Y1S).
  • The OnePlus 32-inch TV (32Y1) comes with features such as Gamma Color Magic picture processor and Dolby Vision, whereas the OnePlus TV Y1S (32Y1S) has features such as HDR10+ Certification and Gamma Engine.
  • The OnePlus 32-inch TV Y1 is powered by Android TV 9.0; on the other hand, the OnePlus TV Y1S comes integrated with Android TV 11 as well as OxygenPlay 2.0.
  • Coming to the audio department, the OnePlus 32-inch TV Y1 comes bundled with DOLBY ATMOS compared to the OnePlus TV Y1S’s Dolby Audio.
  • The OnePlus 32-inch TV Y1 has a power consumption of 55W, whereas the OnePlus TV Y1S consumes 60W.

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