Vastu consultants online

When the concept of Vastu started, there were many followers of this concept that helped the world to believe that Vastu brings prosperity and peace to property owners. Forwarding to the modern time that brings the fast life in which we do not have enough time to look at the life micros of living and life. 

But traditional beliefs do not fade away or die out. One of the concepts in this is Vastu, which found its way into modern society and is thriving among us today. Today, the scene is led by the Vastu consultants, who studied science and ancient art to help out the believers who stand strongly by the tradition, and there are many. 

The dark side of today’s reality is that people with half-baked knowledge, made-up rules and regulations, and fictitious practices call Vastu consultants online, and people fall for this act. 

  1. Are they scientific Vastu experts 

The Vastu experts perform the scientific Vastu audit and know everything, and it makes sense for you; otherwise, do not bother them for entertainment. It is the main thing to discuss with them in the home and suggest if they are known relatives, but do not allow them to enter the home with the purpose of Vastu consultancy. 

  1. Energy scanning 

Half of the work will be done automatically when you find out if they are the scientific Vastu consultant or not. But if they claim to be one, you should ask them what the total energy they have to put in while evaluating and knowing the home Vastu compliance. To put things into perspective, different types of 14 energies are scanned by the different energy scanners. 

Remember all the names of different types of energies that are used in Vastu compliance. It will help you to track the activities and filter the fraudulent ones. 

  1. Which energy scanners will they use 

If the Vastu consultants online use the 10 or 14, or 12 types of energy scans online, you have to go into the brief and ask what scanners they use. There are different types of energy scanners that are used to scan the 14 energy types. Some types of energy scanners are manual, whereas some are automatic scanners. Please do not allow them to fool you with the universal aura scanner, L rod, digital compass, etc. 

  1. Geopathic stress

If the Vastu consultant online in India passes the test and helps you to believe that they are legit, then they are probably the ones you should choose. In any case, if they mentioned geopathic stress, then never hesitate to ask them how they are doing it. If they scan it with the universal aura scanner or L rod, they are 100% fooling you. 

  1. Remedies 

See if they suggest the same sort of Vastu for a home remedy or some crystals, stones, or pyramids with the solution. If they are selling the same sort of superstitious products, then do not believe them. There is nothing that is cured by the home remedies when it is related to Vastu. 

If the Vastu consultants are selling you the sort of crystals, you have to know that they are 100% lying. Even if you purchase things from a Vastu consultant, ensure to keep them at the suggested place. 

If you buy such things from a Vastu consultant, but do not keep them in the right place, then these things end up with harm because they have the actual energy. 

  1. Demolition 

If they are asking you to demolish the wall or constructs other build-ups, they call them out. According to Vastu, there is no need to demolish anything because of the flow of energy studied by Vastu in and around the property. a

Energy will flow with or without hindrance, and how much better it flows. Demolition will make changes in the dynamic of flow and offer a solution to it. 

  1. After service support

This is an important point because if you choose the fake Vastu shastra, then they are not performing good practices. If the consultants do not perform good practices, generate reports, and leave without any confirmation on visit schedules, then they are probably fake. 

  1. Report generation 

Do they generate reports for evaluation or audit for your home? If they say no, then you have to know that they are fake. If they are ready to make the proper reports and mention the reading of the scan, then they are not fake. It is suggested to ask for the complete report and check the complete details. 


This article delivers information on things that help you to choose the best Vastu consultant online. All the facts help you to hire an experienced and real Vastu consultant.