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Hostbillo’s reseller hosting programs enables you to get Cloudflare CDN services that boost your website performance. It provides you with a secure environment and helps in improving the speed of the website. Once your website is connected with the Cloudflare CDN, it is like adding an additional security layer to your server. Also, when you opt for Hostbillo’s Best Windows Reseller Hosting, you get the privilege of having top-class hosting features. These features or tools help in boosting your business and try to protect your server to the maximum.

Windows Reseller Hosting with Cloudflare CDN

When you opt for a Windows Reseller Hosting program from Hostbillo, you get a dozen reliable hosting benefits that help you in managing the account. While managing the account as a reseller, you also need to keep track of protecting the data and delivering it fastest to your clients. It not only helps your website but your client’s website too. That’s why Hostbillo provides Best Windows Reseller Hosting with Cloudflare CDN services at a minimal cost rate. It is one of the fastest CDN services with a minimal response rate. Cloudflare functions by caching the site’s content and loading it from the closest CDN server. It will result in loading the page faster without much bandwidth and CPU usage. So, this feature will lead you to have more bandwidth and space to host more domains too.

Protect Your Windows Hosting Reseller Business with Cloudflare CDN Facility

Windows Hosting Reseller

It is essential to protect your business site from outsider attacks like DDoS, intruders, maleficient activities, etc. So, in order to protect your Windows Hosting Reseller business site, enabling the Cloudflare CDN service is the wise decision you take. It helps your site to protect it from DDoS attacks and sets up an additional layer of protection above the server. Because when there is high traffic on the site, the threat of DDoS attacks increases. Therefore, with Hostbillo’s Best Windows Reseller Hosting you get Cloudflare CDN services that maximize the security of your website.

Services that Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting Plans Include

Starting a reseller hosting business is not an easy task. You have to purchase the services from a reliable host that fulfills all the needs of your business. Also, provides the flexible and best support services to the clients. Therefore, Hostbillo comes with great customer care services, and some of them are listed below.

7 Days Credit Back

There is a possibility that once you choose the plan, maybe you get the wrong one, or want an upgrade plan. Therefore Hostbillo provides 7 days credit back guarantee with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting program so that you can change the plan if you want to buy another one.

99.90% Uptime Assurance

With Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting plans you get a 99.90% uptime assurance of the server. This makes your site fully available to your customers without experiencing any downtime issues. Therefore, you get 24/7 redundant power support.

Easy Data Migration Services

Windows Reseller Web Hosting services from Hostbillo give you the freedom to migrate your server to another with an easy process. There will not be any data breaches or server downtime issues. Your site will be totally migrated to a secure environment.

Free SSL Certificate

Securing a reseller business is the most important factor that you need to keep reminding yourself of. As you serve thousands of people on your server which means you need to be extra careful about sensitive information regarding credit cards, debit cards, etc. That’s why Hostbillo offers a free SSL certificate with its Best Windows Reseller hosting services and migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Protected by Cloudflare

Hostbillo enables you to protect your site with Cloudflare CDN. It is the fastest CDN network and helps in DDoS mitigation and viruses. It adds up the security layer over your server and secures it to the maximum so that there will not be any issues in loading the data.

Softaculous Installer

You can install 100+ applications and software on your server with just one click. As Hostbillo provides Softaculous installer with its reseller hosting services and this allows you to install as many applications as you need. And, this is the best feature of having the company’s services.

Buy Hostbillo’s Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Services with Cloudflare Services

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting

Hostbillo provides the most affordable and reliable Web Hosting Services that come with the premium hosting services of the company. You get the privilege to host your website on the most secure network that keeps up your site performance and speed. Also, you get a Cloudflare CDN service with its Reseller Windows Hosting plans by which you can secure your content and load it in the fastest and safest manner.


So, when you decided to open a Windows Reseller business you should consider a hosting package that includes Cloudflare CDN services with the plan. It is one of the fastest CDN services that increase the page load speed and minimize the use of CPU and bandwidth.

Therefore, Hostbillo’s Best Windows Reseller hosting package comes up with a Cloudflare CDN facility and provides secure network connectivity for your website. Also, you get the privilege of getting WHM access and white-label hosting services with the plan so that you can easily manage the server.