Back Pain

The researchers are conducting studies about the effectiveness of physical therapies on low back pain, and how this therapy can effectively reduce the severity of low back pain in patients who are experiencing it for many weeks or months. The results of the previous studies were conflicting about the effectiveness of physical therapy on low back pain.

Some studies found that physical therapy can effectively reduce the severity of low back pain in patients who were experiencing it even for quite several years. While in contrast, other studies found that physical therapy does not help patients with low back pain.

However, according to the best physiotherapist in Lahore, physiotherapies can effectively work for patients with different pains and aches. A patient shared his experience with the efficacy of this therapy. He said that after going through bypass surgery, there was pain in her lower back pain.

After taking medicines for many weeks, nothing works effectively for that pain. The patient said that his friend gave him a piece of advice to go for physiotherapy. He further said that after going for four weeks of a physiotherapy session, there was a total disappearance of pain due to the effectiveness of physical therapy.

Coming back to the present study, the researchers, Sahin, Karahan, and Albayrak, tend to find how physical therapy can work effectively for patients who are experiencing low back pain.

The Objective of the Study

The main objective of this study was to check the effects of physical therapy modalities on pain in patients who were experiencing low back for quite some time. Unlike other studies, the present study was successful to draw a clear conclusion that physical therapy is effective in reducing the severity of low back pain in patients.

Data Collection Method

The data for the present study were collected over intervals of two years. Like data was collected from 2011 to 2013. There were 36 males and 66 females who were participants and participated in the following study.

The researchers of the following study divided the participants into two groups; one group was a controlled group and another group was a physical therapy group. These groups were given effective exercise as well as medical treatment. In addition, to physiotherapy modalities, the researchers also applied the group of physical therapy.

Different scales were used to measure the data and after two years the researchers conducted the final conclusion.

Results and Final Conclusion

The researchers draw the final conclusion that physiotherapy will be an effective option for people with low back pain. Low back pain is usually difficult to get rid of. There are many causes of low back pain. Once, it is started it will become really difficult to control this pain.

However, with the help of physiotherapy sessions, it can be easy to control the symptoms of low back pain in patients who are experiencing it for quite a several years. Therefore, next time when you experience low back pain, don’t go for any other option and give it a try to physiotherapy sessions.

Here we need to discuss low back in detail and how it affects the body because when people experience low back pain, they usually become unable to perform their daily tasks.

Low Back Pain

Usually, there are several reasons behind lower back pain. Sometimes, some daily habits like sitting on a chair in the office for hours can cause low back pain. In addition, cancer of the spinal cord, arthritis, as well as kidney infections can also cause low back pain in many people. Infections of the spine can also be another reason for low back pain.

Mild to moderate acute pain can last only for a few days. Otherwise, chronic pain will stay longer than three months in most people. People who are between the age of thirty and fifty are more prevalent to this pain and the severity of pain can change as the process of aging.

When there is a pain in the lower back there are also chances that it will cause irritation in the spine and it is quite difficult to bear the irritation. In addition, lower back pain can also weaken the spine which is not helpful for overall health.

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