Best way to crimper hair style. What are different techniques and methods of styling by crimped hair?

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Crimping style

Crimping is a way to change the direction of your hair, which offers you more style possibilities. This method involves using heat and pressure on your strands so that they can be crinkled or crimped right at the roots. The best time to do it is when you have just washed and conditioned your hair, since it’s clean and not dry – this will help lock in the waves better.

How to crimp hair?

Begin sectioning off clumps of hair in 1″ sections along one side of the head, starting at the bottom layer and working up. Clip each section down after it has been divided into smaller chunks. Spray hairspray onto each section before you begin crimping to give yourself a strong foundation for styling later.

Pick up a chunk of hair near your head, clamp your iron closed around it, twist in opposite directions until you reach the end of your strand then open your pliers back up again. Continue this motion along the entire length of your hair. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with each section on one side of your head, then do the same thing on the other side.

Crimping tips

If you are using a double-textured iron, start out by crimping all of your chunks in one direction before crimping them back towards yourself. This allows you to create an even texture within each strand without accidently doubling over pieces that have already been curled.

Remember to be gentle when touching your hair during crimping so you don’t tug at it or break pieces off entirely. If you need to reposition a chunk of hair or smooth out an especially stubborn kink, gently coax it into shape with your fingers rather than pulling on it.

Purchasing crimping irons       

Although the black iron used for crimping does look similar to a flat iron, it is important not to confuse the two because your results will be vastly different depending on which type of iron you use. Flat irons are meant to smooth out hair so it lay straight while crimping irons have ridges on their plates to create curls and waves. Therefore, if you want curls or waves, don’t use a flat iron.

Size of crimper

Crimpers come with either 1″ or ½” plates. The smaller size results in tighter waves while the larger result in looser waves. There are also crimpers on the market that have plates with different textures, including waves and corrugations. The more extreme the texture of your crimper’s plates, the tighter your resulting waves will be.

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Crimping style on wet hair

Hair crimping should be done while wet because that’s when straight hair becomes curly – though if you do it while dry, there are also ways to work around that fact. Here are some simple steps on how to curl your hair with a crimper:

Preparing your tools

To crimp your hair, you need to get the right crimper. These come in either ceramic-plated or titanium plated varieties; they’re pricier than the metal variety of crimpers but are more durable and heat resistant.

Preparing your locks

If you want to crimp wet hair then towel dry it first otherwise it will be hard to hold onto while trying to do the styling. Comb your damp clean hair through so that all of the knots are gone – this way your strands can be evenly laid out for crimping.

Using the actual tool

Now turn on your crimper (or plug it in if cords are involved). You may place the piece of hair you want to crimp between the two plates – if it’s long, secure the ends with your fingers so that they don’t burn. You can also do multiple strands at a time this way too.

For short hair, hold the crimper vertically and clamp down for about 5 seconds so that each section is crimped evenly; for longer locks, take 2-3 inch sections to start (depending on how big you want your waves) and run them through vertically before rolling them outwards towards the end.


To lock in those bouncy waves you can now use hairspray – make sure not to overdo it though as too much will make your hair look wet and leave you with crunchy hair. You can also use different products to get the waves you want, like mousse or sea salt spray, which will give your hair more of a textured look.

Clean up

Now just wash out any hairspray you used and re-style again when needed. If the crimps are too tight for your liking then just apply some heat to slightly loosen them up while still leaving them in place  do this by letting you hair air dry before running your fingers through it or using a blow dryer on low heat.

Crimping style on dry hair

Brush your hair

You can crimp dry then brush or comb your clean hair until all the knots are gone, but you then have to make sure that what you do next does not stretch out the new curl pattern.

Work with damp locks

When completing this process on wet hair, first towel-dry it so that the strand is damp and easy to manipulate. Comb through so there are no tangles or knots, sectioning off areas if necessary. Then take a quarter size amount of either gel mousse or sea salt spray depending on how much hold you want, and apply it evenly throughout each section of your head – just be careful not to use too much or it’ll leave your hair crunchy.

Use a brush     

Otherwise, you can create crimped patterns with a rattail comb or even just by running your fingers through your dry locks used in this step – to get the pattern and looseness of two strand twists without actually having to do so.


After applying product to damp strands and brushing evenly throughout the entire head, keep working until each section is smooth and completely combed out. You should then be ready for final styling using either a blow drier or let air dry however if you choose the latter method, remember that not all hairspray works well on dry hair.

Clean up

As always, you can shampoo and condition your hair or even use a color depositing treatment to get rid of any unwanted tones – but if the crimps are too dry, don’t fiddle with them when they’re wet because it could mess up your waves! Just use some heat to re-losen the locks by letting your hair air dry then run your fingers through it or use a blow dryer on low heat. Do this once every couple of days for maximum impact.

Note: It is important to note that the results of this method of styling will only last until the next shampooing. However, if you consider that many women can go three or more days between shampoos, the effect may actually be longer lasting than it seems at first glance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this style suits on everyone?

It depends on your styling. After crimping hair make a style of hair according to your face.

  • Does the crimping tools are much expensive?

The crimping tools are not much expensive. You just need to buy a perfect tool. After this you can use it for many years.