Remote Patient Monitoring from HUMHEALTH

Enhance your Expertise.  Altering the way of patient care.

Humhealth provides Efficient Chronic care management services for Medicare Beneficiaries. We work the best to bring you an effective result through our services. Providing 24/7 chronic care management for Eligible patients under expert guidance. At Humhealth, we work with the best service team and make it beneficial to your health condition and support your well-being.

What is Chronic care management?

What’s it like to have someone on call to take care of you when you need it?

Chronic Care Management is designed to improvise patient care. Chronic Care Service is provided to eligible beneficiaries having two or more chronic health conditions. Humhealth aims to implement an active relationship with the care team. CCM is intended to make patient care better. By providing better care through CCM, we reduced emergency room visits and hospitalization or readmissions and increased personal attention for patients in need.

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*) Structured Recoding of patient’s health information

*) Comprehensive Electronic care plan

*) Managing transitions of care and other care management services.

How to be qualified for Chronic Care Management Services

Chronic Care Management services are provided to eligible beneficiaries. Patients with two or more qualifying chronic health conditions that last at least 12months or until their death. Any Chronic Condition that meets Medicare criteria can qualify a patient for Our Chronic care management services.

Remote Patient Monitoring Platform Provide additional care with efficient devices.

One of the Leading Digital Health solution providers In the USA, Humhealth offers Remote patient monitoring devices For patient care. Our RPM solutions are designed to strengthen patient care support and drive clinician focus to conditions that need extra attention.  Monitor your patients for a long time out of the hospital and stay vigilant on their conditions.

Overcomplicating your RPM is not effective, and that’s why Humhealth became the most recommended Remote patient monitoring company in the US. We help you to make it Simple. Humhealth Enables a total understanding of monitoring between patients and the care team. Our devices are designed to meet your objectives
Make your RPM Simple with Our Remote patient monitoring devices.

 Remote monitoring devices help you to analyze patient’s acute or Chronic conditions no matter where they are.

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