dubai international school, secondary school dubai
dubai international school, secondary school dubai

Having the ability to write legibly by hand is crucial. The teachers have made every effort to ensure that the children know that the letters ‘h’ and ‘n’ should not be written similarly. There have been several reports of parents being frustrated by their children’s use of an unfamiliar script while writing at school.

One may question, why does everyone want “excellent” handwriting? 

One of the reasons is that it will be easier to read if you have superior handwriting. In the past, life wasn’t quite as dependent on technology as it is now. People communicated with one another via the medium of writing; composing letters and other similar activities, to pass on information. 

Importance of Writing 

  1. Activates Brain

Writing by hand activates different parts of the brain than typing or touching a screen does. The ability to write legibly increases memory, and secondary school Dubai students are more likely to remember new information while engaging with new concepts via handwriting than typing.

  1. Provides well-rounded experience

Writing by hand involves the whole body, which contributes to it being a more well-rounded experience. Writing by hand has a tactile and multidimensional quality that typing.

  1. Multisensory experience

Students who practice the alphabet via a variety of physical activities are better able to memorize the letters as well as the sounds they make while reading. Two senses are used at most while learning digital alphabets: sight and touch. 

Neither the size nor the form of the keys indicates any particular letter. Teaching yourself to write the alphabet is a multisensory experience that uses your eyes, fine motor skills in your fingers and hands, and even your whole arm and body.

  1. Help in the creative flow of thoughts

Indian high school Dubai researched that there is widespread agreement among authors on the benefits of writing a rough copy by hand then reading it aloud and making corrections, additions, and alterations as part of the revision process. Instead, we’re tempted to edit as we go while we’re typing on a screen, which may disrupt the natural flow of thoughts.

Despite the prevalence of smartphones and other digital recording devices, many successful individuals still find it essential to carry a tiny notepad and pen close at hand, so they may record thoughts as they occur so that they can use them later.

  1. Important skill set

Some historical records are unreadable because they were written in cursive and no one now can read them. The skill of reading handwriting is acquired through practicing handwriting. Reading and writing in cursive and print fonts are essential skills for every language learner in secondary school Dubai.

  1. It helps to shape your thoughts

Slowing down and giving our ideas full attention via handwriting has several benefits. Although this is useful when capturing a speaker’s words on paper, it’s important to give your ideas some room to develop before committing them to paper.

When you have a pen in your hand, you have quick access to a world of artistic and creative possibilities that just aren’t feasible when you’re using a computer.

  1. Create your unique style

In contrast to typography, each writer’s handwriting looks completely different. One’s signature, and one’s particular style of handwriting, make a public and lasting statement. Improving writing skills may help Indian high school Dubai students to create a message that is clear, elegant, and most importantly readable.

  1. Personal touch

A handwritten letter from you to a friend or loved one has intimacy and sincerity that an electronic or typed message just can’t match. Only the writer’s handwriting captures the tone and individuality of the message. An original love letter written by hand is something to treasure.

  1. Great way to destress and relax

Well-written pieces have a relaxing rhythm and flow. Despite the pressures of modern life to work harder and longer hours, creative pursuits like writing may help us strike a better balance between our professional and personal lives. The ability to write fluently helps the mind to devote greater attention to a single subject. It clears mental blockages and helps us to be clear in life.

Tips for secondary school Dubai students to improve handwriting

  • Stop putting too much pressure

There is a common tendency among pupils to use too much force while writing. This distracts them from the task at hand and hinders their penmanship. Most people use this method in the hopes of improving their handwriting.

They’re making the writing appear even worse without even realizing it. Consequently, a tight grip on the pencil is required, but not one that exerts excessive force. If you don’t want to have any pencils broken, that is.

  • Put a firm grip

Indian high school Dubai suggests that writing quality is strongly influenced by the writer’s grip on the writing tool. Rest it between your index finger and thumb. Yes, naturally, everyone is at ease with their writing to varying degrees. In contrast, improved handwriting results from holding the pen correctly.

  • Work on your Motor Abilities

To refine our handwriting, one thing we can do is work on our motor skills. Actions that call for coordination between the mind, spinal cord, and muscles. What can be done to enhance motor skills? Well, there are many things you can do:

  1. Solving Puzzles
  2. Crafting with paper
  3. Sewing
  4. Threading Button
  • Emphasize both Speed and Clarity

Note-taking in secondary school in Dubai is an activity that benefits from both speed and clarity. However, these two should also be prioritized for development. As a result, the learner might begin to acquire such abilities right away. For some kids, the emphasis on speed comes at the expense of readability. Others, however, flip the order around.

  • Keep the lines connected

Of course, individuals who want to become proficient in cursive should read this. The letters of a word should remain connected to one another. In their haste to get the paper done, students often neglect this relationship. Perfect cursive writing requires not breaking the connection between letters in a word.

  • Doodling

Students who regularly engage in doodling have been shown to have more graceful handwriting. The student’s mind is put at ease, and their ability to concentrate and focus is enhanced. The more time a kid spends writing, the more at ease he or she will grow with a pen or pencil.


Though students in Indian high schools in Dubai may not require legible handwriting to communicate with others in the same way that our parents and grandparents did, students nevertheless need to know how to demonstrate their knowledge on written tests. Essay writing is a common component of scholarships, exams, and other public tests, and the quality of one’s handwriting may make or break one’s performance.

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