Who Is Momin According To Quran

Many people ask the question that what is the difference between the momin and the Muslim. You should know that there are at least 1.8 billion Muslims in the world and you can’t differentiate yourself that who is momin and who is the Muslim. In the simple language the Muslim is the person who submit his will to Allah but who should be called the momin.

Total submission

The momin is the person who has the fear of Allah and has totally submission of Allah. Whenever the Muslim hear the word of Allah he listens and does the thing but he doesn’t fear as much as the momin does. You should be able to differentiate but not like you are the God yourself but in fact Allah only knows that who is the momin because it is the thing in the heart not according to the appearance. Even if you are the momin yourself you don’t have the right to see that who is the momin.

Total trust on Allah

Some of the time the Muslim falters into the wrong path and doesn’t follow Islam like it should but the momin always trusting the Allah and that is why he is called. The characteristics of the momin are that he is totally submitting to the will of Allah and totally trusting Allah. By totally giving your thing to Allah you are able to know that you are a good Muslim and you can be called the momin but only Allah knows that.

The ultimate reward

Reading the ahadees and quran on Online Quran Academy we found that The reward for the Muslim is that he will be rewarded the Jannah in the hereafter but what will be regarded to the momin because he is totally submitting to Allah more than the Muslim. Only Allah knows that what will be rewarded to the momin but we can say that he will be rewarded more than the Muslim who has sinned or who sins some of the times. This is the character of the momin that he doesn’t think about this thing but he only things that what Allah wants and what should be done in order to please Allah, not about himself.

Feeling Muslims like one body

Maybe the Muslim will not feel the sadness for the other Muslim but the momin will always feel that all the population of the Muslims are like one body and when one part of the body hurts the whole body hurts. It means that you should be feeling the sadness for the Muslims in the other world and also try your best in order to help them in order to fight with the hurtness.

If you are going to feel the other Muslims being your body part then in the hereafter the Allah will make yourself like the biggest person. Like in the Quran Allah says that if you are going to help the Muslim then Allah will help you. So you can imagine that how much you will be rewarded as Allah is directly saying to you that Allah will help you out.

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