What Is The Difference Between Branded And Non-Branded Clothes?

In this modern era, people are conscious of branded and non-branded products. Women particularly never go to local shops for their clothes. They always try to shop for brands to impress the people around them. Shopping from branded shops has become a fashion in our society. Have you ever thought about why we always prefer branded items? If not, here are some differences between branded and non-branded clothes.

1. Product Quality

The primary difference between branded and non-branded clothes is the quality. Designers make and sell dresses through branded shops, while you can buy lower-quality clothes from the local market. But for non-branded clothes, you have to compromise on quality.

2. Price Tags

Pakistani brand clothes are expensive because of more labor and good quality. Their prices start from Rs 2000, while you can buy non-branded clothe for Rs 500. So the price tag is different for branded and non-branded clothes.

3. Designer Clothes

Famous brands hire popular designers to make their dresses, for instance, Deepak Perwani and Allure by IH. And you cannot ask for branded suits from a local market. They use the services of local and unprofessional tailors for stitching.

4. Reliability

Pakistani designers launch Pakistani brand clothes every year. Their clothes are reliable and long-lasting. In contrast, non-branded shops do not focus on the reliability of clothes. That is why they mostly sell poor-quality fabrics.

5. Shops

If you visit branded shops, you can easily observe the lavishness inside. They construct their shops as unique and attractive to generate more traffic. And non-branded shops are in poor condition and pointless. The biggest drawback of local shops is low lighting.

6. Standard Analysis

Pakistani brand clothes express your living standards. If you belong to a well-settled family, branded clothes can help to show off your living standard to your relatives and friends. But do not forget that wearing branded clothes is fine, but showing off is unethical. And non0branded shops do not express your living standard and degrade your lifestyle through poor comments.

7. Express Fashion Sense

If you are conscious about your looks and fashion, you must buy branded clothes from Studio by TCS. It will help to express your fashion sense. People may like to follow your fashion styles too. But the non-branded clothes suppress your personality in get-togethers.

8. Return Policy

Branded shops offer customer-friendly return policies in case of substandard clothes, like Studio by TCS. If you face any problem with local items, they will neither return their item nor pay back your money.

Studio by TCS

How can we forget the name of Studio by TCS when we talk about brands? It is a hub of brands where you can purchase branded clothes, shoes, jewelry, beauty products, and other home accessories. They sell the products of famous brands, such as Shehernaz, Pinktree, Deepak Perwani, Soma, WB by Hemani, and Nadia Hussain. You can do all kinds of branded shopping while scrolling down a single catalog. So why not Studio by TCS next time?

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