Ruby Stone

What is Burma Ruby Stone?

Mines in what was then known as Burma (Myanmar) have yielded gem-quality rubies since the sixteenth century. Mogok Ruby, Old Burma Ruby, Rangoon Ruby, and many others are all names for Burmese rubies. An official definition of a Burmese ruby specifies that it was extracted from the Mogok tract in upper Burma. Named for the country of origin, Mogok rubies have become a category unto themselves due to their remarkable colour quality. An old Burma ruby is synonymous in the trade of precious stones with a high-quality stone with pigeon blood, dark red, or deep pink. That’s why sometimes people refer to a genuine Pigeon Blood Ruby as a Burmese Ruby.

What is the Burma Ruby Stone Price in India?

Rarer than diamonds are Burma Ruby Stone. Each high-quality stone has a special price due to its uniqueness and the strong demand it receives from buyers worldwide. Even within the same carat range, the price of a Burma Ruby Stone can vary widely depending on its colour and clarity. For as much as $1,600 per carat, a flawless Burma Stone with a rich red hue and few inclusions can be purchased. Consult our ruby pricing guide if you want to learn more. 

Ruby’s maximum value comes from the intense color of its ruby. A pigeon blood Burma Stone’s price can go up into the millions because there is no ceiling on its rarity or quality. Burma Stone can be substantially cheaper if its color is altered (from deep red to pink to reddish brown). 

To be clear, Burma Ruby Stone typically has inclusions. Since flawless Burma stones are rare, the market generally accepts natural stones with minor imperfections. The cost of a carat of Burma Stone can change significantly based on the stone’s size, clarity grade, and inclusion content. 

Rubies in their natural, unpolished state are prohibitively expensive and difficult to come by. As a result, much effort is put into reducing waste throughout the cutting and polishing processes. A faceted old Burma ruby will cost more than a round or cabochon ruby of the same quality and carat weight. 

What about the new Burma ruby compared to the previous Burma ruby? 

The new and old Burma rubies are not the same. Old Burma ruby, also known as ruby from the Mogok tract in upper Burma, is extremely rare and has a hefty price tag due to its excellent colour quality and uniformity. Since old Burma rubies are becoming increasingly uncommon, their value is significantly higher than other rubies. But recently, new mines have been explored in the southern region of Myanmar, producing rubies of average quality. The new Burma rubies are a new and exciting type of ruby. Under a microscope, however, the two types can be distinguished. New Burmese rubies are dyed to seem like ancient ones and passed off as antiques for massive profits. The value of a treated ruby cannot compare to that of a genuine Burmese ruby. As a result, it is wise only to purchase Burmese rubies that trusted national or international testing facilities have authenticated.

Invest In a High-Quality Burma Ruby Stone

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