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A malefic mangal appearing in your birth chart, or in the charts of loved ones is a painful experience. Those who have suffered will tell you it’s one of the unfortunate events. Nobody is ready to go through the trauma of losing loved family members in his lifetime or endure a heartbreaking divorce or see life come to a halt. Of course, there are plenty of other painful events, like financial failure and soiled reputations However, the loss of a loved one and separation weigh more heavily than another hurt.

What is Mangal Dosha?

Particularly favorable planetary locations can neutralize the effect that mangal dosha has immediately. Mangal dosha is a factor that hinders the growth of a relationship or can end it. Mars in a bad position can cause lots of heartache in marriage. Manglik Dosha (also known as Manglik Yoga occurs when Mars is placed in the 1st 4th, 7th, or 8thor 12th houses and, in certain cases, in the 2nd house of ascendant or Moon in the birth chart of the astrological birth of the person. The people who were that is born on Mars within one of the houses are Mangali and Manglik. An individual born under any sign (Rashi) or constellation/Nakshatra may be a Manglik. To know more about your percentage of compatibility with your life partner must check Kundali Matching by date of birth.

Who is Manglik?

A Manglik is a native. Manglik when Mars is in the 1st or 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses, and in some instances even the 2nd house from Lagna.

This dosha is also referred to by other names such as Kuja, Angaraka as well as Bhouma dosha and can cause disruption to marriage happiness when it is put in particular combination and planetary confluences. Mangal dosha can cause unfavorable circumstances that can damage the native’s self-confidence and fighting spirit to an enormous degree.

The depressing consequences that come from Mars located in the 1st house include physical violence and violence that is commonplace in households with mars-afflicted families. The disruptions in professional, as well as personal life, are predicted by the presence of Mars within the 2nd house. The 4th house Mars can send the native in financial shambles. Mars within the 7th house causes splits between couples due to the constant fighting and an aggressive attitude.

The person born in the eighth house is so insecure about his finances that he could lose the inheritance of his parents. Mars during the 12th house indicates that the native is subject to emotional turmoil, and financial losses and is constantly harassed by enemies and devious people on a daily basis.

Which planets cancel the negative impact of Mangal in charts?

Certain good combinations of planets are not only good for the removal of mangal dosha, they also provide a fulfilling marriage life for the native. The planets mentioned below can cancel the negative impact of mangal dosha. Mangal within the charts.

Mars is located within the 1st house in your chart for natal birth and is in the first house of the natal chart, should not cause any problems if located in the Aries, Leo, or Aquarius sign. This will erase the effect on mangal dosha. Mars is situated in swakshetra or his own sign or Mitra kshetra or the houses of his friends is the dosha neutralized on its own. If Mars occupies the second house, which is in the Virgo or Gemini sign, Manglik Dosha is cut in the buds. 

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Mars is located in the eighth house, either Sagittarius (Dhanu) (or Pisces (Meena). Mars is located in Gemini (ashik) or Virgo and is located in the second house the Manglik dosha doesn’t occur. In the event that Taurus or Libra is the 12th house of the native chart and Mars is in it, the dosha is less severe. When a planet that is benefic, such as Jupiter aligns with Mars Manglik dosha would cease to exist. Venus is ascendant, which eliminates mangal dosha. (Lagna) If Mars is exalted, it is in Capricorn or its own zodiac sign Aries, and Scorpio or Scorpio in Navamsha.

It is believed that the Manglik effect is a result of Mangal Dosha being canceled when Mars is elevated in Navamsha. If Venus is in an exalted sign, i.e., in Pisces in the 1st, 4th and 7th house of a native’s birth chart, then there could not be a Mangal dosha related to it. When both parties are Manglik and the dosha is canceled. Mangal Dosh is nullified if both partners are Manglik. Mangal Dosh is nullified if Saturn is located on one of the 4th, 1st 7th, 8th, or 12th of the other person’s chart of birth. 

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It is believed that the Mangal Dosh is warded off in the event that Mars is fragile, combustible, or weak, or has a favorable planetary alignment. The Mangal dosh that is found in movable signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn can ward off the negative consequences of the affected Mars. Manglik dosha can be blocked when Mars is in the fourth house, which is swakshetra, or the symbol of Venus. 

If Mars is paired with Rahu, Moon, or Venus within the 2nd house and is favorably aligned with Jupiter or Saturn, and Rahu is located in the Kendra Asthan this will help to get rid of mangal dosha. For the male’s chart, the Kuja dosha will be eliminated in the event that malefic planets are situated within the first or 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house. This effect is diminished by a tiny amount when it comes to female charts. If Mars is in the seventh house of Cancer or Capricorn Mangal dosha will be immediately eliminated.

The position of Mars in the movable signs guarantees that the person will get rid of mars dosha. If benefits such as Venus or Moon are located within the second house of your Kundli, mangal dosha will not be the cause. Jupiter and Venus are joined at one of Lagna as well as the 7th house which destroys mangal dosha. Moon in Kendra cancels Mangal dosha.

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