House Move

Shifting can be an exciting experience. But it can also turn into a stressful chore if not planned properly. From finding the energy and time to box up all your items to picking trustworthy packers and movers services for the safe transport of goods from one location to another, there are multiple factors to consider. Above all, if you are not prepared, shifting can also pose a financial burden on you. To make things easier to handle, here are some methods that can help you save money while hiring packers and movers in Bharuch:

Set a Budget

One of the first steps to saving money during a house move is having a predefined budget. In order to set a budget, you need to be aware of the industry prices, which will help you negotiate better and thus save some extra bucks and avoid paying for unnecessary services. With this, you will have a better idea, and close will be easier to find packers and movers in Surat that fit your budget. 

Host a Garage Sale

To save money while moving, you should consider selling some of the stuff that you no longer use. If you are moving to a warmer area, you should sell your summer wardrobe so that you do not have to pay unnecessarily for shifting, and with this, you can also make some money that can be used in the relocation process. 

Have a Plan B 

You can try everything in your power to make your shifting smooth; however, there is always a possibility that your move can go awry at the last minute. So, you should always have a backup plan ready that will not only save you from the hassle but will also help save up money. So, be sure that you have already told your friend and family members of your move and you can call them when needed. If your move is delayed, you can even stay at their house and avoid paying expensive hotel bills. 

Do not select the lowest-bidding company

If you want your belongings to reach your new place safely, then you should not blindly go for the lowest bidding packers and movers in Bharuch. It is not necessary that the company offering you shifting services at a low rate will also provide you with good quality service. So, before booking a moving company, be diligent and carry out thorough research about the credibility of the company.

Pack Strategically

You should pack your belongings in a way that can save you time, space and money. You should be tactical with the packing by nesting some of the items inside others instead of simply tossing all the things inside the boxes. With the help of strategic planning, you can easily fit more items in a few boxes. It will also help you fit everything in a smaller shifting vehicle, thus saving more money. 

Book a Date Beforehand 

One of the best ways to save some extra bucks during your relocation process is to book a date well in advance. This will not only offer you some extra time to prepare for your move and be mentally prepared for it but there is also a huge chance that you may find affordable services this way. Finding packers and movers at the last moment will only cost you more. So, be sure you book the services as soon as you get to know about your move. 

Moreover, you should try and move during an off-peak season. Generally, people move during the holidays. So, if you pick a different date for your move, you might be able to save some extra bucks. Similarly, you should also avoid moving on the weekends and during the festive season. 


So, these are some valuable tips you should follow while choosing packers and movers in Surat. If you follow these tips wisely, you can easily save a respectable amount on your shifting and select the best packers and movers in Bharuch. However, the overall cost of your move depends on a bunch of factors like – the route for your relocation, the amount of stuff that you are moving, the distance to be covered, and the services you choose. 

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