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Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

A lot of companies use Custom Point of Sales Displays (POS) for their POS to enhance the visibility of their brand and increase revenues. We have noticed that a significant portion of the brands on the market have not opted to use this type of marketing tool. Why?

Additionally, they used the opportunity to broaden their reach online with the printing of their social media pages on the sheet of tarpaulin.

Customers can snap a picture of their purchase and then share their experience with this tasty dessert on social media. This is how they can be effective with the point of sale display exhibit!

So, are you trying to create customised displays at the point of sale to enhance your store’s marketing? We’ve discussed below the advantages of using this tool to market.

What Is The Purpose Of Sale? And What Does It Mean For Retailers?

When it comes to points of purchase (POP) as opposed to points of sale (POS) it is true that both are one in the same. Both POP and POS display are just displays for retail in which transactions are processed in a brick and mortar store; this is simply referring to the till.

After customers have entered the store and browsed through your assortment of goods, they will be eager to complete their payment prior to heading towards the exit. This means that your point of sale could be your last chance to impress and convince shoppers to spend more on their time in the store interior signage.

From establishing brand awareness , to highlighting premium products , and convincing customers to grab some last-minute deals The point of sale provides retailers the chance to relay important marketing messages and make sure that they have an impact that is lasting long after shoppers leave the premises of your shop.

A positive, long-lasting experience at the time of sales, customers are more likely to visit the shop again and increase the chances of them buying more at a later date.

POS marketing displays don’t simply create a short-term, immediate effect on customers, however, they are often able to increase customer engagement and build long-term loyalty, particularly when it’s a memorable display.

Benefits Of A Custom Point Of Sale Displays

1.Highly Customizable

There are many possibilities to show off your product or promotion. You can also experiment with different designs and colours. The possibilities are limitless!

More and more brands are using Interactive Point of Sale displays to boost their activation strategies for brands and improve the shopping experience for customers today more than ever before.

Therefore, why not modify the POS display to incorporate interactive elements and keep customers visiting your store or stand?

2. Make Your Mark Known

The ability to customise your points of Sale Displays can allow you to effectively convey your message to customers. With interesting slogans and quotes can let customers know the purpose of your business.

3. Attention Grabbing

An organised POS printing allows your business to be noticed from your competition. This can create interest within your company and draw more customers.

They’re more likely to visit your store if they are impressed by your merchandise more than rivals’. Utilising distinctive, interesting and fun elements can help customers remember your store.

4. Informational

Customised displays at the point of sale could include vital details such as current promotions and loyalty programs, for example.

It is also possible to highlight your most popular item or recently released item in your store. Incorporating your social media channels will also improve your online visibility.

5. Drive Sales

More frequent visits to stores leads to higher purchasing rates. People may be enticed by the possibility of purchase based on the savings or benefits of new products.

This can increase sales as the right POS display could result in first-time purchases, repurchases and impulse purchases.

6. Engaging

It is possible to build trust with your customers and offer a pleasant experience by engaging them. To accomplish this you can include bar codes with quick response or QR codes for your customers to scan.

The QR code will direct users to your site where they can take part in online contests and contests, or take part in a survey. Through a survey, you can gather feedback to improve your products and services.

You could also get contacts of prospective buyers to be able to send them marketing messages. To engage them further you can also host a social media contest that could be held.

7. No Employees Are Required

Are you not able to find enough retail employees? Don’t worry! A great Display at the Point of Sale Displays can be efficient in communicating your message to your customers without the help of sales personnel.

In this way your sales representatives are able to concentrate on other aspects of your business. POS Display helps them with their tasks even when the retail staff is working.

Important Considerations When Designing The Perfect Point Of Sale Display

If you’re not careful enough the message and design of your custom POP Display may be perceive as offensive.

The marketing and design team should be aware of the target audience when creating the promotional displays. This may cause existing customers to leave or cause the general people to stop buying from your company.


There are numerous options for affordable prices in the creation of Custom Point of Sale Displays and displays in store. But, if businesses decide for a more elaborate and custom POS Display, it might be expensive.

Certain brands prefer to purchase a strong and impressive display to draw the attention of consumers. It could also be cost-effective for a company when the display is employ for a longer period of time. For promotional events that are short-term board-shape corrugate POS display could be an ideal choice.

How Are Point Of Sale Displays Made?

Base on the kind that POS display you’re planning to purchase for your business the design and the manufacturing procedure will differ.

The vast array of display materials on the market means that you’ll discover a cost-effective solution no matter your budget. With each design create to order print using premium inks, you can be sure that your display will be according to the high quality.

Have a look at some of the sought-after displays for point of sale that retailers can choose from to find the perfect solution:

Dump bins and FSDUs

These displays that are freestanding offer the best ways to showcase key products at your point of purchase building site signs.

Capable of holding large quantities of the items you’re hoping to move. Made of sturdy EB flute board, and printed in high definition using premium UV inks.

These products that promote your business in a space-saving manner are light and portable which means you can put your high-margin merchandise as well as special offers along the way to the point where you’ll purchase.

Hanging Signs

Making the point of sale more attractive by hanging a catchy sign will leave shoppers with the only option of noticing your store’s most recent and best bargains.

Made of 1000 Mic display boards hangs from ceiling by adjustable springs and ceiling hooks, this low-cost and flexible option allows you to maximise the use of overhead space that isn’t utilize.

Countertop Units

If you’re promoting smaller impulse purchases through your till, or through a counter-top unit to keep your company’s documentation tidy and neat The POP displays that are brand provide a cost-effective, simple option to advertise your business as well as any other relevant offers in the store.


High definition printed on a substrate that you prefer our high-quality custom posters will help you make an impression on the day of purchase.

From advertising special deals and store events, to reiterating the values of your brand Engaging posters will keep customers entertained as they line up to the point of sales.

Show Cards

A custom design can be print on the durable 2000Mic display boards, free-standing display cards are available in sizes ranging from A5 up to A2 – providing the flexibility to advertise special offers as well as promoting important products.