Flooring has always been the most technical yet most creative part of a house. It not only glorifies the overall beauty of the house but also at the same time adds to the safety features as well. While getting the floor of the house done, the age of the residents of the house, their daily activities, etc must be kept in mind. For example, if the residents of the house include a toddle or the old age people, then it must be made sure that the floor doesn’t slip easily, is glare free, etc.

These days, the engineered wood flooring and its subsidiaries are in trend. As they make not only the most decent and beautiful flooring options but are at the same time safe for kids, young and adults as well. So, if you are someone looking for the various kinds of flooring options specially of wood, then this article is for you. We at floorsave sell various kinds of wood floorings and get them delivered to your doorsteps in not time. In this article we have discussed the various kinds of wood flooring options and how can they be the best choice for your house.

Unfinished wood flooring:

The unfinished wood flooring is one of the most beautiful and worth considering flooring options that are to be considered. Made up of plywood and other such materials, they are not the actual wood but appear to be the best of the best versions of the real wood. In fact, they are much better that the real wood as the real wood faces a lot of issues with the change in the season. During the rainy season the wooden floor faces the swelling issues due to hot and humid climate while on other days due to water spillage, etc the wooden floor gets tempered as well. On these notes, the unfinished wood flooring is considered to be much better as it does not face such issues.

Engineered wood flooring:

The engineered wood flooring is the most recent and versatile wood flooring option that you must consider. The engineered wood flooring is mainly made up of three layers I.e., the top layer, the profiling and the bottom layer. The top layer is made up of wood which is real and comes in various grades such as rustic, prime, select, etc. The second layer is the profiling, which accounts to the tongue and groove while the third layer is made up of core or multiple plies. This wood flooring has several added benefits as well for example, this wood flooring can be installed over the heating systems as well and can be installed in any room be it the living, drawing, dining, etc.

As they are engineered materials, they have various enhanced features which makes them far better and the improvised versions of the actual wood floorings. These can also be re-sanded and re- finished a number of times although most of them have the lifelong validity as provided by the leading brands. Available in a wide rang of colours to choose from, they are available in a number of shades and patterns. Also, it won’t hit hard on you as the material is pocket friendly in comparison to the other such flooring materials of the same range. All these features make engineered oak flooring a considerable option for your house.

WPC wood flooring:

The wood- polymer composite flooring or the wpc flooring is usually considered as luxury vinyl flooring option as it has various added and upgraded features in comparison to the other wood flooring options of the same standard. They are water proof, under the budget and most durable of its kind. As the name suggests, it is made up if polymer composite and is therefore a subsidiary of the vinyl plastic. It is mostly made up of wood flour and the polymer which gives it this name. They are the most durable and sturdy wood flooring option in the recent times.

Summing Up

Today we have numerous flooring option available in the world and therefore this drives the brands to make more and more efficient and under the budget flooring options available to the masses. The engineered oak flooring and other such flooring options are the best choice as they are made by keeping in mind today’s needs and requirements. They are the best options to be considered as they are durable and budget friendly at the same time.