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You have bought a carpet cleaner but don’t know how to use it. Here is some advice you can follow to avoid mistakes while cleaning your upholstery or carpets. Cleaning the carpet is a tedious and challenging job; therefore, there is no moving around it. If you do not adhere to proper procedures, you can be on the worst side and reflect unexpected results. It might be a mouldy underlay, soapy patches or damp. You can also hire carpet cleaning machines for sale to perform deep carpet cleaning and restore the old look of your space. 

Plan Your Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is not a last-minute job. The most crucial thing to have is time in hand if you are willing to clean your carpets. The carpet will remain wet for several hours. The most common time for cleaning the carpets is 5-6 hours if you want to clean without over-wetting the carpet properly. But the entire process might take as long as 24 hours to dry up. The best thing to do is leave the floor dry overnight. Otherwise, if you replace the furniture immediately, stains and spots will come up where the furniture comes in contact with the floor. This might affect the pile of the carpet and might form mildew or mould.

Move Your Furniture!

If possible, while cleaning the carpets, select one room after another. When you select one, remove and clear all the furniture in the space. If it isn’t possible to remove everything altogether, then try cleaning them section-wise. Also, ensure that if you have pets at your house, they don’t enter the room you are cleaning. Pets might carry dust specks along with them, and all your carpet cleaning process will go in vain. Avoid pets till the carpet is wet. 

Vacuum The Carpets

Once you have cleared the space and removed the furniture, perform a thorough vacuuming of the carpets. Ideally, for deep cleaning, you must vacuum the carpets twice. The first time you must go across the room, and the second time, you must follow the diagonal corner to corner path. The idea behind vacuuming twice is to lift the pile and remove the loose dust and dirt as much as possible. It will also remove the fluff and hair before water cleaning the carpets. 

Read The Manual Thoroughly

I know this process is very boring, and you might want to skip this stage. But clearly reading through the instructions of the carpet cleaning manual will help you throughout the cleaning process. If you want a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine for cleaning your carpets and upholstery, contact us immediately. Also, read the manual to know the amount and the type of detergent required for cleaning the carpets, even if you have performed cleaning before. Fill your cleaning machine with the right proportions of water and detergent, as mentioned in the manual.

If your carpet is filthy, do not get tempted to add more cleaning detergent to perform better cleaning. It might lead to the accumulation of soap in the carpets, which might be more challenging at a later stage. Also, ensure that you fill the correct quantity of water. Else, your carpet cleaning machine might not work correctly. Follow the instructions and determine whether you require warm or cold water to clean the carpets. 

Detergent And Water

If you have different options, warm water best suits your cleaning supplies melbourne process. Most manuals will refer you not to put boiled water inside the water tank, and it is because too much hot water can damage the machine and scald you.

If you have wool blend carpets and pure wool carpets, you can use cold water to clean them. However, ensure that you don’t use a carpet extractor on the non-colourfast rags or leather, silk or jute carpets.

Some machines might also need you to add detergent to the clean water tank; others might have a separate water tank. Also, you can check different brands before buying a carpet extractor. Never improvise on the washing liquid you are using for carpet cleaning; it will become too soapy, and you might have difficulty removing the soap solution. For the best upholstery cleaning machine, you can contact us directly without any hesitation.


In this step, search for soiled patches in your carpet while cleaning them. If you can find them, they must be pretreated before cleaning them with water and soap solution. The carpet cleaner you are using for cleaning your carpet must have a hose to clean the upholstery and stairs. You can also utilise them on stains and spills. Ensure that you pretreat your carpet at least five times before starting to clean them. If you have dried in old stains, a stain remover might be more effective in removing the stains. While cleaning the carpet stains, never get the patches to wet because they might not dry properly and would finally end up stained and mouldy. Once you are done with this step, you can begin the cleaning process with normal soap and water solution.

Final Words

These steps mentioned above are mandatory if you plan to clean your carpet. Otherwise, you would end up in a false situation, creating moulds over your carpet and a mess. While cleaning your carpet, you can also use carpet steam cleaners that prove to be effective for the efficient cleaning of carpets. If you want to have one, do contact us without any hesitation.