Thinking of getting engaged in the year 2023? But do not have much idea about the engagement rings that are or are going to be in trend in the year 2023? Then do not worry at all. This article will solve all your problems related to choosing the best and trendy engagement rings. There are different varieties of engagement rings available in the market. They come in different styles and designs and out of these you have to choose the best one for yourself and for your partner. Apart from diamond engagement rings, there are different types of gemstone engagement rings that are on trend these days. You can opt for a gemstone engagement ring as well depending on your birth month or zodiac sign.

In this article we shall be looking at different types of trendy engagement rings uk that you can have for your special day. Always remember to purchase the rings from an authentic jewellery shop. Make sure that the rings or any other jewellery pieces that you are purchasing come with a hallmark and certificate. When purchasing an engagement ring, you will get a lot of options, such as white diamond engagement rings, black diamond engagement rings, aquamarine engagement rings, emerald engagement rings (emerald engagement rings UK), amethyst engagement rings and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the trendiest engagement rings that you can purchase for your engagement day.

Three stone engagement rings are on trend these days. This engagement ring is unique in style and design. It is famous among people because of its versatility. If you are opting for a custom made engagement ring, you can opt for different types of precious stones in different shapes, cuts and sizes.

If you want a gemstone engagement ring, you can add three different colours of gemstones to the ring. But make sure that the colours compliment each other and coordinate well with each other. You can also add both diamonds and gemstones together to get a classic look. It also comes with a beautiful meaning. It is said that it represents your relationship’s past, present and future. So if you want to add this significance to your engagement you can opt for this three stone ring. The main stone is placed in the middle which is larger than the stones that are placed on either side.

Fancy cut elongated diamond engagement rings

This is another trendy engagement ring that you can purchase for your special day. The diamond used in this ring is different from that of others and this is what is making it more popular among the customers. If you do not want to go for the regular round shape diamond engagement ring, you can opt for an engagement ring having an elongated diamond with fancy cut. It gives a unique look and shine to the ring. Also, unlike the traditional diamond ring, this ring will give a lot of coverage to the finger and make the finger look more sparkly. Apart from elongated diamond, oval shaped diamond, emerald cut diamond, marquise diamond, pear shaped diamond and so on are also becoming popular and trendy.

Engagement ring with bezel setting

Fascinated with emerald engagement rings (emerald engagement rings UK)? Then why not have an engagement ring with emerald gemstone in a bezel setting? Wondering what a bezel setting is? Well, it is a type of setting that features a thin metal rim which surrounds the outside of the stone and protects it from all sides. We all know that emerald is a delicate gemstone and an emerald engagement ring with this setting assures complete protection to the stone. It also makes the ring look modern and sleek. There are two types of bezel settings, one is full bezel setting and the other is half bezel setting. This setting is mostly found with stones having geometric shapes, such as, radiant cut diamond, emerald cut, Asscher cut and so on.

Summing up

These are some of the trendy styles which you can opt for your engagement ring. Apart from these styles, you can also go for a romantic style engagement ring, hidden halo engagement ring, two stone engagement ring and so on. Apart from that you can also opt for different styles and designs of gemstone engagement rings that will give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

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