biometric access control systems
biometric access control systems

As more than half of 2022 is over, it’s time for businesses to consider reliable alternatives for developing their security resilience. It is not to serve only for the next few months or a year but in the long term. The urgency and need for security businesses to start considering the macro trends shaping the security industry’s growth is high. It can help prepare for what is happening as they plan for the future.

This year, most businesses have adapted to newer flexible ways of managing their security concerns. For instance, biometric access control systems have been a major preference, contributing more to the reliance on technology. As these advancements continue to grow, these are some trends to look out for in physical security.

Artificial Intelligence Remains The Top Priority

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into different technological advancements for several years. The main goal has been to improve human life by handling almost everything regarding homes or businesses. The security industry is no exception; AI is proving to be the most effective in enhancing security. In 2020, the market value for AI in security was $5.08 billion. By 2026, the value is expected to grow to $14.18 billion.

AI-powered physical security systems offer various benefits: video analytics, false alarm filtering, proactive monitoring, detecting anomalies, and improving operator efficiency. In addition, the AI speed makes it a reliable preventive tool that can aid the security professional in curbing crime.

Cloud And Remote Security

As more security technological advancements continue to rise, the need for remote security, like remote video monitoring and remote access control systems, is increasing. All these systems were in use before the coronavirus pandemic. However, the pandemic somehow heightened cloud technology and remote monitoring use. It will increase the use of cloud technology among security experts and its benefits. For instance, moving to the cloud has led to cost-effective and easy scaling of security solutions alongside business growth.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial recognition technology has rapidly become the new face or security access control system. Through the help of machine learning and AI, facial recognition access control systems are now easy to integrate with existing access systems like the biometric access control system. It can help provide amazing performance in detecting and matching faces.

A Merge Between Physical Security And Cybersecurity

For a long time, there has been neglect to protect security devices. Businesses and individuals have focused more on protecting their physical assets when this shouldn’t be. Cybersecurity risks have been a major hindrance for most businesses adopting the technology. When it comes to cybersecurity risks, companies and businesses are at risk due to several reasons. For instance, interconnected smart devices(the Internet of Things or IoT) can also pose a risk of adoption for companies. If a hacker finds a vulnerable device, they can use it as an entry point to get the entire security system.

Emergence Of The Internet of Things (IoT)

The adoption of the Internet of Things has been a major trend for several years in several industries. This growth is only expected to rise as several types of security sensors are added to the existing ones. These sensors work by collecting and analysing data which have also given rise to various applications like event management, industrial applications, intelligent building management and many more.

Improved Supply Chain

As the need and importance of physical security continue to grow, a perusal of physical security solution providers and manufacturers is also becoming a big deal. The reason is that physical security technology will be a major and essential organisational stack sought after by businesses. This trend will allow organisations and industries to consider the functionalities of physical security. 

Physical security seems to have a bright future as several aspects are in store waiting to make this sector successful. Some of these trends are only the onset of a greater future for physical security, while others are already moulding this industry into the best version it can be. Some security providers are also looking to integrate several technological advancements into their services to achieve optimum results.

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