transporting a car to another state

Relocating from our state can be stressful, so figuring out how to get your car to a separate state may be even more difficult if you do not have a plan. Fortunately for you, after perusing our professional advice, you will have a strategy and be knowledgeable about all your possibilities for exporting a car. We have you prepared whether you decide to drive the vehicle, ask a family friend to help, or work with an expert auto shipping firm. Here is all the information you require to ship a car over state boundaries properly.

How to Ship a Car Smartly to a Different State

1. Work with a vehicle shipping business

2. Have a moving business move your car.

3. Hook your vehicle up to a moving truck.

4. Use an expert driver.

5. Take the wheel.

6. Ship the car by train.

7. Boat shipping for a car

Employ a vehicle shipping firm

Find the best vehicle shipping businesses for your requirements and price range by requesting at least three quotations and comparing shipping costs and product offers from different companies.

The vehicle freight sector has a tone of excellent auto shippers.

Some requirements are necessary when you transport the vehicle

  • For international moves, one needs to be licensed and insured. (Note that every business in our database has already undergone a license and security screening.)
  • According to the Better Business Bureau(BBB), organizations have a good reputation (BBB).
  • Positive internet comments.
  • A moving company will move your vehicle.

For your interstate move, you can work with a full-service moving company. They might also be able to transfer your vehicle(s). Check if they provide automobile transport services while you get a price for your interstate relocation. Although if they don’t provide the service directly, they might be able to put you in touch with a company that does.

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Tow your vehicle behind a moving truck.

You might be able to tow your automobile using a tow truck or car trailers if you’re operating a moving van to your location. Ask your truck rental provider if they permit it before you do it (if they do, most will also rent out the equipment you need). Remember that this will make your journey more difficult to maneuver, so if you already feel uneasy about towing a large moving van, you may choose not to deal with towing a car trailer.

Employ a seasoned driver

You can engage a driver from a concierge transportation company (also known as a professional driving company) to take you there in your vehicle. Many of them may even bring your pet along or stop along the way for bathroom breaks. This expensive alternative will wear out your car, but it might be the best course of action. Of course, you must use a driving company if you employ a licensed driver. Companies that provide customized transportation pre-screen their drivers and ensure the relocation is insured.

It would be best if you operated it.

Even though it takes the longest, this option gives you complete control over how your automobile moves. This is undoubtedly the simplest and least expensive choice if you only relocate a small distance. Although it won’t be simple to move out of state or across the country, it is possible. Road trippers might think about this low-cost option of employing auto transport.

Another option is to ask relatives or friends to drive the vehicle. This will ultimately be less expensive than hiring an experienced driver, but you need to be sure they are a safe driver and that your insurance will protect them. We do not advise this alternative, but it is a choice if you find yourself in a bind.

Train transport for cars

All vehicles, including SUVs, motorbikes, vans, and cars, can be transported by Amtrak trains. The Amtrak Auto Train allows passengers traveling all along East Coast through Washington, D.C., through Orlando, Florida, to pack their automobile and be delivered there.

Transporting cars by boat

Although this is typically only used for exporting cars internationally, you could still ship cars locally by boat. This isn’t the most popular way to relocate your car—much like relocating it by train—but it might be appropriate in some situations. (For instance, if you’re relocating to Alaska or Hawaii.

Advice for preparing your vehicle for interstate transportation

Prepare your car before driving if you want your transport to go off without a hitch. Be ready to complete these activities in either case. A reputable auto shipping business will typically go through what you must accomplish before pick-up.

  • Remove everything from your car. Your automobile may need to be emptied, or the firm you choose may only have a weight restriction.
  • Take out all valuables, particularly standalone GPS units, and the paperwork in the glove box.
  • Make sure the tires on your automobile are properly filled and maintained.
  • Verify that the battery in your automobile is charged up.

To be safe, you should also carefully inspect your car for any physical damage and take photos of it from all sides. If it sustains any damage while on the Highway; you can prove that it was never present before and get compensation through the proper insurance processes.