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Students who have chosen the specialty “Astronomy” study many different disciplines, conduct research work, practice in laboratories and observatories. But the most frequent work of an astronomer student is an essay

Read our article and learn how to choose a topic for an essay on astronomy. You will also find a large list of topics in this discipline.

How to choose topics for an essay on astronomy

There are three options for choosing a topic for an essay:

  • the teacher himself appoints the topic of the work;
  • the student chooses a topic independently from the training manual;
  • The teacher asks the student to come up with a topic himself.

The best option is the last one, because you can choose a really good topic that will be interesting to work on.

If you are looking for a topic for an essay on astronomy, use our tips:

  • Remember which topic from the astronomy course was the most interesting for you. You can even remember one thing from a lecture and make a narrow topic out of it. For example, you liked the lectures “Satellite radio navigation systems”. You can narrow down this topic and write an abstract “GLONASS satellite system”.
  • Do not take topics from manuals. Firstly, the information in them is outdated, and astronomy is a science that is changing rapidly. Secondly, essays have already been written on these topics many times. It is difficult to come up with something new and get the highest score.
  • Look at scientific articles, latest astronomical forums. They deal with the latest topics in astronomy
  • Choose a theme that you can apply in the future. Often students use their abstracts in term papers . For example, the abstract “Edwin Hubble and the beginning of the study of galaxies” can be included in the course work “Biographies of scientific astronomers and main scientific works.”

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