Cloud Apps

Cloud apps are a great way for small businesses to simplify their operations – mainly because these apps offer complete solutions to businesses. For instance, there are a number of cloud-based accounting apps that are suitable for small businesses to use. An IT support company London based small businesses frequently partner with spoke to us about cloud apps, and get us a rundown of how they have helped their customers, and other businesses. These providers of IT Support Services London companies have used before, will be able to give a great look into which cloud apps truly are the most effective,

What Makes a Cloud App?

You may be wondering what defines a cloud app. Another term which you might be familiar with is Software as a Service (SaaS). This is a cloud-based solution where software is hosted in a company’s cloud environment – customers pay for access to the software, rather than paying to own a copy of the software. This is precisely what a cloud app is, and they are usually accessed on the web, but plenty of companies offer a desktop app which you can use provided a valid account and license is associated with it.

Cloud apps are good for small businesses because they are simple. The business using them does not need to manage updates, installations, or support the software, because all of that is managed by the provider. Below are some examples of cloud apps that make things easier for small businesses.


This Cloud-based document collaboration app was designed to offer a new way for colleagues and businesses as a whole to work. It’s based on the principle that documents should be interactive and dynamics – able to incorporate all kinds of media within them, and be used as a canvas for collaboration.

  • Elink

Content marketing is incredibly important for any business with an online presence (which, in 2022, ought to be every business). Elink is a content curation tool that helps businesses manage the content they use in their digital marketing strategy.

  • ProofHub

This is a cloud-based project management tool that makes it easier for teams to collaborate, track progress on projects, and make important decisions effectively. In includes to-do lists, Kanban boards, real-time chat, and reporting.

  • Trello

Another highly effective project management tool. Trello focuses heavily on a Kanban system for organising projects and tasks, and organising relevant information. It is a highly visual app that can be accessed from any web browser, and also have a desktop app.

  • Slack

Slack is a communication tool for businesses. It is especially good for remote teams, because it consolidates different types of communication – namely chat and video calls – into a single platform. It also has some very good productivity features built-in.

  • Hubspot

For inbound and digital marketing, Hubspot is a very effective cloud app to use. It actually covers a range of applications – including sales, marketing, and content relationship management. With this cloud app a small business can manage all of their marketing operations in a single platform.

  • BambooHR

Having good human resources operations in a business is very important. With BambooHR, it can be optimized quite easily. This cloud app features all kinds of functions and features that provide a reliable framework for HR management.

  • Freshbooks

Accounting is a complex, but completely essential part of business. With Freshbooks, the leading accounting software on the market, businesses can simplify all their accounting processes – even professional accountants use Freshbooks. Using this app will also make IT support for accountants easier, because a lot of the top IT providers have experience supporting this software.

  • Office 365

Technically, Office 365 is a suite of cloud apps. It includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as Microsoft Teams, Outlook (emails), and OneDrive (cloud storage). It is considered by be one of the best office suites on the market today.