Are you planning to buy ballistic armor? A complete armor set consists of various items, such as a special force helmet or ballistic helmet, police tactical vest or military bulletproof vest, and many more. These items altogether make ballistic armor.

However, just having this information is not enough. Understandably, body armor is a lifesaver. But deciding which armor combination to choose for you and your department can be challenging.

Choosing your body armor doesn’t have to be a painful ordeal. In today’s times, body armor has come a long way in fulfilling current law enforcement needs, thanks to the National Institute of Justice and other organizations. They assess the body armor and give them protection rating based on their performance. But how does one choose a suitable armor? Then, here are something to know before buying a body armor.

Things to know before buying a ballistic armor

Know your threat level

· Bulletproof vests are categorized in different levels based on their NIJ ratings. Each level of armor can stop up to a particular caliber of bullet.

· Start by determining the task for which you will wear an armor and the threat level you would be exposed to.

· For example, don’t wear pistol armor if you’re in a situation where a rifle threat is possible.

Understanding NIJ

· Once you’ve determined your threat level, you may begin looking for body armor that is appropriate for you.

· The National Institute of Justice(NIJ)  conducts ballistic and other durability tests under different circumstances to determine the effectiveness of a manufacturer’s vests, soft panels, and hard plates, as well as the armor’s usable lifespan.

· It’s critical to understand which vest will stop a certain threat. Armor level I, IIA, II, and IIIA are effective against hand guns, while level III, IIIA, and IV armors are for rifles and armor-piercing bullets. The stronger the protection, the better the level.

Maintenance of armor

· As previously stated, purchasing body armor is a significant investment, and you may want to get the most bang for your buck.

· Make sure you clean your bulletproof vest according to the instruction manual. You can also inquire about the care and cleaning requirements and instructions with the consultant. You can also visit the official website of NIJ for more assistance. When you are ready to acquire a new set of armor, you may go to their website and discover more about the type of body armor.

Proper fitting

· Your torso’s front, back, and sides should be covered with body armor. Seller’s trained employees or online blogs and videos can assist you in getting a correct measurement of the armor.

· When purchasing armor, ensure that you are properly measured. It should be snug but not constrictive. When you sit or bend, ensure it doesn’t move up into your throat or interfere with your duty belt. It’s crucial to get the plates in the right spot for better safety and mobility.

· The top part of the plate should be an inch below the middle of your clavicle connecting point. The plates may not effectively protect the essential organs if they are not worn properly on the body.

· Hence it is recommended to have a full system of side and torso plates for complete protection. You never know where you’ll be confronted by a threat when entering a hazardous area.

So, the next time you shop for a military bulletproof vest, police tactical vest, or any other type of vest, you can choose a good vest based on these tips. After all, your safety is the first and prime objective of these types of equipment.

If you are in the military, then a specially made military vest can be a great choice for personal safety. The best way to shop for them is to visit an online personal safety store and order your equipment directly.