Night Time Eye Serum Correctly
Night Time Eye Serum Correctly

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice when they glance at you. How can you ensure that your eye area continues to sparkle and look radiant? Do everyday facial products suffice?

The fact is that your eye area has specific requirements that the best eyelash serum and creams can only meet. It needs special care because of how fragile it is to prevent the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles.

So how do you apply eyelash serum on the eyes at night correctly?

Let’s find out with this article.

What is Eyelash Serum?

An eyelash beauty product called eyelash serum claims to lengthen and thicken natural lashes. A common substitute for eyelash extensions is eyelash serum. Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, biotin (vitamin B7), pumpkin seed extract, peptides, and castor oil are frequently included in lash development serums. These substances can hydrate and moisturize the lashes to stop breakage and increase hair growth.

When to Use Eyelash Conditioner or Serum?

Although the subject of when to use eye serum may seem somewhat complex, as it does for other skincare products, it’s relatively straightforward.

No matter what other products are included in your skincare routine, your eyelash serum or conditioner should always be the last step.

Accordingly, applying eye serum should be the final thing you do before going to bed at night and the last thing you do before leaving the house in the morning.

Best Way to Apply Eyelash Serum

If you’re unsure of when & how to apply eyelash conditioner or serum or whether to use a conditioner or eye serum first, you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to go over the most efficient ways to help you know all about it.

Clean the Face Properly

Cleaning is the most crucial step because applying an eye serum to pores clogged with sebum and foreign objects will only seal them and worsen the problem.

Use a gentle circular motion to massage your cleanser into your skin, then gently rinse and pat yourself dry.

Exfoliate Skin or Use Mask

Your skin can be gently scrubbed to remove dead skin, other impurities, and any blockages that might still be present after cleansing.

If you want to push the envelope and ensure your eye skincare routine goes to the next level, try using an excellent clay face mask and a sheet mask.

Apply Toner

The final remnants of filth that may be present in the skin can be eliminated, soothes the irritation or red spots, and pores can be closed by using a good quality toner and a cotton pad.


Although it has little to do with how to apply eye serum, we include it here nonetheless because, in the ideal scenario, you should only wash your face after immediately moisturizing.

This is because your skin is most hydrated and cleanest (obviously) just after cleaning, so applying moisturizer enables you to retain all that moisture locked in. A product with hyaluronic acid is the best choice for this.

Eye Serum Time

It’s time to get to the real reason for coming here.

Even if you disagree, the skin around your eyes is one area where utilizing gentle, all-natural skincare products free of synthetic or irritating chemicals is crucial. We always stress this, and even if you don’t, the skin around your eyes is an obvious candidate.

It is essential to use a gentle eye serum with natural components to prevent redness, irritation, dry skin, and other harm to this skin because it is thinner, softer, and more vulnerable to damage than our other skin types.

Make sure to use a limited amount of eye serum on your eyes.

Use your finger to apply a small amount in a few tiny dots at the top of your eyes. You can even massage your eye area to get maximum effect.

This is crucial since massaging your eyes with your index or middle finger often applies far more pressure and can easily harm the skin underneath your eyes.

After applying the serum, clean your eyes with an eyelash conditioner to properly clean your eyes.

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