The first installation and initial configuration
The first installation and initial configuration

Last Updated on April 20, 2024 by Saira Farman

The first installation and initial configuration

Microsoft has greatly simplified the entire process of installation and the first configuration of the console. In fact, whoever goes from an Xbox One in any of its variants to an Xbox Series X will have the option to copy the latest configuration by clicking a button. 

It will not be necessary to use any external disk or have the two consoles connected at the same time to transfer data from one to the other via WiFi, just choose the “Copy configuration” option during installation and the system will transfer more than 100 settings automatically.

I had everything configured on the Series X exactly the same as on the One X It is really comfortable and

The entire installation process is highly automated

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X also allows its configuration through the Xbox mobile application. It is especially useful if it is going to be configured as a new console without using the “Copy configuration”

the option since it is much more comfortable to select options and type usernames and passwords using the mobile screen than the keyboard controller.

virtual on-screen In any case, it is completely optional. 

Those who do not want or cannot download the mobile application can carry out the installation in the traditional way, following all the steps.

The console detects the type of television to which it is connected,

so during the installation, it will simply request confirmation of everything that is being adjusted.

In this sense, I have not found any problems beyond the fact that my television, although it is 4K, does not include 120Hz,

with which the console detects and adjusts to the maximum that the TV can offer (60Hz in my case).

Then there will be time for each one to make the adjustments they deem necessary, such as sound preferences, the type of start, and more, but the first contact with the console is intuitive and simple.

so if we come from a previous console, all the games we have purchased will be available from the game library for download.

That does not prevent someone who has Xbox One games installed on an external hard drive from being able to connect it to the Series X to play

directly without having to download them again and even move them from the external HDD to the console’s SSD to win in speed, reduce load times, and everything we’ve seen before related to the Xbox Velocity architecture.

The Xbox Series X interface

At the interface level, Microsoft has opted not to make changes compared to what the Xbox One already has. In that sense, the generational leap sensation does not occur when going from the One to the Series X because everything is exactly the same. 

Where there is an improvement, obviously, is in the fluidity when navigating through the different menus and options. It is not that there were many problems with the One, but it is true that, on many occasions, entering the store or browsing between tabs was a bit jumpy.

For those new to an Xbox through Series X,

 the console’s interface is easy to use. Personally, I have never really liked its Windows-like style, but I understand that the path taken by Microsoft in order to integrate the experience offered by its systems on both consoles and PCs has no going back.

If we add to this the design of the console itself, which, as we have seen, is very reminiscent of a very minimalist and compact PC tower, the direction the company took a long time ago becomes clear.

The different interface tabs have been vertical for at least a couple of versions if memory serves me correctly. Before, you had to navigate from left to right to enter the Mixer section, which no longer exists for obvious reasons, the Game Pass or the store itself. 

Now we start from an area that gives access to our games and the store and from there, if we want to move through the different sections, we have to go down or up.

In the end, it is a matter of taste, because once you are used to how the interface works and know where each option is, the truth is that it is easy to navigate through all of them

The latest version of the interface has made everything that has to do with the store, searching for games, and downloading them much more comfortable. The appearance of the menus has undergone a pleasant change that, in addition, already in the One is accompanied by greater speed.


The controller that includes the Xbox Series X is very similar to that of the Xbox One, it can already be seen at first glance. The measurements may have changed slightly, but once in hand, it is priceless. Anyone used to using One controller can rest easy. In fact, Xbox One accessories are compatible with Series X, so you can continue using the other controller without problems.

Taking that into account, the truth is that it does include a series of changes, some more obvious and important than others, which are worth commenting on. Perhaps the first thing that should be noted is the new Share button that allows you to take image and video captures more quickly and easily. 

On Xbox One,

the process involved opening the Xbox menu, whereby the game was stopped in the background, and pressing one of the buttons depending on whether you wanted to capture an image or a video. Now, thanks to this new button, just press it for the console to capture the image and upload it to Xbox Live. And if we need a video, we can leave it pressed.

That is the configuration that comes by default in the system, but there is an option with which you can configure the Share button to modify its behavior

In any case, this button, for now, the only thing it does is allow the capture without having to access any menu and without interruptions, but what happens afterward is still the same as on the Xbox One.

That is, to recover the captures you have to go to the Xbox menu, go to Recent Captures, select the image, and see what options the system offers… But that already implies having to use another device other than the console to carry out the action.

Ideally, in future system updates, you could not only capture, but also share without having to go to menus or use your mobile. 

Right now the capture process itself is simple, but anything we want to do with those captures afterward is slow and cumbersome.

Another novelty included in this new command is a rough surface. The one for the Xbox One is a fairly smooth controller and, although I have never had grip problems for that reason, the truth is that the new one is pleasant to the touch and does give the feeling of a buzz