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Even in the current day of marketing, the general public is now recognizing printing showcasing as an effective marketing tool. There are numerous advantages to using panels for promotion over other types of ads.

It’s effective and is able to yield spectacular results when paired with modern-day advertisements. Additionally, it is superior to other strategies for marketing in a variety of ways.

For instance, even though users can stay clear of online ads when browsing the internet they aren’t able to keep away from print advertisements. Through imaginative, appealing printed ads can make a lasting impression of your brand’s image for your customers.

This article describes the ways in which a strong printed Foamex printing technique can help take your business to the next level.

1. Foamex Prints Are More Economical

In the wake of foamex board printing cost on boards rising because of the ingenuous variations of the events they attend, print promotions have become more efficient financially than it was prior to.

By using business cards or signs, pennants or handouts, you can boost your earnings and enhance the exposure of your brand’s image.

There are numerous ways to design notices on paper that will effectively attract attention to your target audience. There are numerous commercial printing options to meet every budget.

2. Benefits Of Establishing Loyal Relationships With Customers

Print your ads on trustworthy known papers and make amazing charity to showcase your image. Regular endorsers will be confident in the magazine or its content , and will browse the ads it features with a friendly and relaxed manner.

If you make rehashed advertisements by posting rehashed ads you could encourage your people to recall their image as well as the messages you’re sending.

3. Foamex Print Marketing Is More Durable

Hoarding boards are suitable for long lengths. A lot of people love printing printed documents at their workplaces as well as reading them again and again as they share them with others.

Numerous workplaces, offices, and stores display newspapers or magazines. It allows your printed advertisements to be seen by a wider audience.

While digital media will last when you keep buying them, print media, it is much more durable that will be used until you have an image that is worth it.

4. Being Physical, It’s More Personal

Another benefit to Foamex signals is they are important, however it’s not as powerful as the more advanced media. With the advancement of technology, the public will be delighted to learn that they can receive messages sent.

The messages are interpreted as well as felt and could make people feel that the one who posted messages thinks of them. A custom-designed signboard could be more meaningful to someone than messages sent via technology or an advertisement display.

5. Clienteles Trust Print Ads More

Studies have shown that most consumers prefer to stow away displays over more sophisticated advertisements. Most of the time, we are familiar with emails and have experienced the risk of clicking on advertisements that aren’t intended to lead to downloading malware onto your computer.

We also know the ways that someone with criminal motives can access your most intimate thoughts when you browse the internet.

6. It Entices Readers To Purchase

Hoarding construction can reveal that consumers respond stronger to print ads like those found in printed publications or magazines instead of digital ones.

It has been proven that when a printed advertisement is linked to electronic media outlets, the trust of the public increases, and they may decide to buy the product.

A majority of businesses realise that they have to increase the impact of printed ads by using QR codes as well as other elements.

7. More People Are Recurring To Print Media

According to research , people are more aware of online slavery. They are enthralled by servers and often swap the digital content they have.

They know the importance of print media, and can appreciate taking a break to read printed material. Advertisers can attract the attention of the people who read them by creating print publications truly appealing.

Foamex Thicknesses Available

The most widely used sizes in Foamex are 3mm, five millimetres and 10 millimetres. Let’s look at each separately.

3mm Foamex

The 3mm Foamex board is unsurprisingly the lightest of three thicknesses. Because it uses less plastic to cover the same size and is also the least expensive.

Since it’s very flexible, Foamex signs are able to effortlessly bend around curves. In reality, there are a handful of displays designed to support the printed picture made of Foamex within the curvature.

The most well-known applications for 3mm Foamex for use as an edging on shells used for exhibitions.

5mm Foamex

The 5mm foamex board has become the most well-known product. It’s the perfect blend of value, weight and stiffness.

It’s more substantial than 3mm Foamex, but it’s more robust. It’s therefore able to be attached to slatted backs such as fences, railings, or weatherboards (although the bigger sizes may require support).

If the overall size of your artwork isn’t overly large, it may be able to stand on its own when held by its bottom as by using one the wedge Display Stands.

10mm Foamex

Most instances, we’d suggest dibond as the most effective option for balancing weight and durability however 10mm Foamex may provide some advantages.

Dibond at first be. Once it’s, it’s very hard to make it return to its flat. 10mm foamex on the other hand, isn’t. If enough force is applie it can snap, but it needs a substantial force to cause it to happen.

Additionally, foamex that’s 10mm thick is a great deal of weight! It may be more appropriate for the image you’re planning for (dibond is only 3mm thick) However, it might be necessary when fixing the image to display units, especially in cases where it must stand free from.

How To Find The Most Trustworthy PVC Foam Suppliers For Board

Consistent Quality

Before sending your payment to the manufacturer of the PVC board. I suggest that you go over the sample provided by seller. This will let you determine if the product is of high-quality. If you’re able, take a recording of the audio results.

The printed Foamex will help you determine the production specifications by making videos. You can also evaluate how good the PVC foam is by attentively looking at and studying.

The Competitive Price

Everyone wants to purchase something that is reasonable. But, how do you find quality products at a reasonable price? Start by determining if the company you select is an industrial or trading company.

In the majority of cases, factories provide the lowest rates than trade companies for the amount being large. If the purchase isn’t huge, it is possible to reach out to the manufacturers of PVC Foamex and ask if they have boards in stock or use the same production strategy.

Strong Company Strength

Choose a trustworthy firm and you’ll never be scam. A lot of people want to purchase items at a lower price than what they’d spend on the market. In the end, at the end of the day, they’ll find they’re not satisfie with the product’s quality. item does not satisfy the needs of their clients.

In general, companies that have defect products aren’t likely to do long-term business using their products. They’re usually smaller and lack workshops. You can gauge the strength of the team by watching a comprehensive video.


Foamex has revolutionize the industry with its sturdy yet effective board-making material. Basic boards can be at prices that are as low as PS10 + VAT.

This is a very affordable price. Because it is easy to mount and move it’s slowly becoming the prefer method for printing signs.

In addition to the many options for thickness, PVC Foamex is also offer in a variety of 10 shades of white, which is the most popular choice.

The number of negatives of Foamex is significantly smaller than pros, which is why it’s the most suitable choice in terms of Foamex printing.