Vue Component

Components are the basic building blocks of any web application or website, and it’s important to select high-quality components that will enhance the design of your product and make your life easier when you need to change things in the future. With that in mind, here are ten of the best Vue component libraries on the market today. Each library has been evaluated based on three key criteria: popularity, usefulness, and quality of implementation. Read below for more information about each one!

1) Vuetify

Vuetify is a Material Design UI framework built with Vue. It comes with more than 50 predefined components, a modular structure and an Online Dashboard to easily build your application.

2) Material Design Lite (MDL)

Material Design Lite is an implementation of Material Design in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. MDL provides a flexbox-based responsive grid system for websites and web apps. It was developed in collaboration with Google. MDL is designed to adapt to screen sizes from smartphones to desktops.

3) Material UI

Material-UI is a component library that focuses on adding Material Design aesthetics to your app. In addition to providing components, Material-UI also gives you access to things like color palettes, styling guides and an icon pack. The documentation makes it easy to get started and learn more about components as well as code examples help you understand how they work.

4) Quasar Framework

Quasar Framework is a mobile hybrid app development platform that makes it easy to build apps using Vue.js components. With a focus on progressive web apps, Quasar lets developers and designers create high-quality apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices using HTML5 code. It’s also possible to run Quasar applications in any modern browser using JavaScript virtual machines (such as Node.js or Electron).

5) Nivo Slider

Sliders are a powerful web design element that allows you to present information in a quick, clear, and compelling way. A slider is often used to showcase a list of items or to display content in an easy-to-read way. The Nivo Slider for Vue.js is one of my favorite slider plugins. It’s easy to integrate into any project and can be customized in many different ways.

6) Ample SDK – UI Library For Mobile Apps

Ample SDK is a cross-platform UI component library that provides an easy way to develop amazing mobile apps using Vue.js. It is designed and maintained by world’s leading mobile app agency, and is used in production by thousands of companies worldwide. Ample’s documentation contains some of the most up-to-date information on building native mobile apps with web technologies like React, React Native, and Vue.js.

7) YadaLayout – A VueJS Layout Toolset

YadaLayout is a VueJS plugin that gives you full control over your application’s layout. It also allows developers to bring their own CSS code, which can be customized to any element using custom properties. Furthermore, YadaLayout has a wide selection of components and plugins, allowing developers to build applications that are fully responsive and dynamic while maintaining simplicity at its core.

8) Headway – An Extensible Front-end Framework

Headway is a powerful front-end framework built on top of Vue.js. If you’re already familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then you can get up to speed with Headway very quickly and start developing your application. Headway isn’t another UI component library, but it works great in conjunction with one.

9) Bootstrap v4 components with BootstrapVue

BootstrapVue is a UI library based on Bootstrap v4 components. Using BootstrapVue, you can build an app that has a familiar and intuitive look and feel with less code. At present, it supports more than 60+ components. If you want to build your app quickly with clean code and make it more powerful, give BootstrapVue a try.

10) Onsen UI Components for Vue.js – Developed by Airpair, Inc.

Onsen UI Components are developed using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technology. It is a simple, lightweight and useful mobile UI component library for web developers. This component library is free to use under MIT license. In addition, there is no restriction on either personal or commercial use.

Conclusion –

Components are an integral part of any application or website, no matter what its size. That’s why there are so many libraries available to help developers in creating them. Today we’re highlighting some of our favorites from across both Github and npm. We hope you’ll learn a few new tricks that you can use in your next project and for that you may need to Hire Vue.Js Developers!