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Loose green tea leaves are much better than tea bags by far. There are numerous reasons why one should not brew tea using tea bags. There are various health advantages if you use loose leaves instead of tea bags as well. If you want to experience the true taste and aroma of a tea blend, use loose tea leaves. 

Loose-leaf teas have far more superlative tea efficiency than tea bags and are the principal cause why loose leaf tea is preferred over tea bags. Perhaps low-quality leaves have more flavour, fragrance, and vitamins than any basic tea bag. Whether you’re accustomed to drinking a cup of tea from a bag, the difference will astound you. The presence of unharmed whole leaves enables the tea’s full flavour and aroma characteristics to be released.

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A loose tea leaf brew appeals to all of your senses. Because the leaves are not stuffed into a bag, they retain their natural flavour and scent. As the leaf unfurls artfully into the cup, these infusions provide an enchanting viewing experience. Using loose leaf teas certainly requires more effort than using tea bags.

However, the goodness of loose leaf tea comes at a price, the most costly of which is the trouble in brewing. While some teas can be brewed directly in the vessel and consumed with the leaves still inside, many people would prefer not to.

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Reasons why you should choose loose leaves over tea bags-

  • Loose leaf tea, also recognised as whole leaf tea, comes in “bulk” packaging like a pouch or jug. Loose leaf tea is ideal for you and the environment.
  • The size of the leaf is the significant difference between whole leaf tea and teabags.
Reasons why you should choose loose leaves over tea bags-
  • Teabags naturally contain tea particles called “fannings,” which are basically tea dust.
  • The tea leaf is extensively used in whole leaf tea.
  • However a broken leaf is of higher quality than soot and fanning, it must still be “broken” to fit into a larger tea bag. Broken leaf tea is still wasteful.

Where to buy loose tea leaves from?

The Kangra Tea House is the best place to buy premium loose tea leaves from. On a click of a button you can get these perfectly loose tea leaves delivered to your doorstep. 

They offer 100% certified organic whole loose tea leaves for one to consume. They don’t produce tea bags and are against the use of it because of the various health disadvantages they have among other reasons. 

The kangra tea house has a wide range of flavours for you to choose from as per your taste. They offer herbaceous, rooty, floral and spicy flavours. They only offer loose tea leaves as opposed to tea bags which are notorious for their serious health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons why you should choose loose leaves over tea bags-

Yes, whole tea leaves are better than tea bags. That is because they are much healthier and have a distinct taste which a tea bag would not provide. 

What are organic tea leaves?

Organic tea leaves are those leaves which are produced in a very healthy way without the use of pesticides and so on. 

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