Starsilver Ore Locations

Starsilver Ore

Genshin Impact has a crafting material called Starsilver Ore. The mineral is used in several crafting recipes and is necessary for a few weapons’ ascensions. It is a rare phenomenon exclusively found in Dragonspine due to the unique weather conditions and ley lines. During your adventures, you’re going to need a lot of it, so you may not have enough. Here is where to look, how to farm, and where to look for Genshin Impact Starsilver Ore and Starsilver Ore locations.

Star silver ore is a rare and valuable mineral that is highly sought after by miners, blacksmiths, and collectors alike. It is typically found in remote, mountainous regions and is known for its distinctive silver-white color and ability to shine like a star in the sunlight. The ore is rich in precious metals, including silver and platinum, making it a valuable source of income for those who can extract it.

It is also prized for its beauty and is often used to create jewelry and other decorative items. Extracting star silver ore is challenging and requires specialized equipment and expertise. Once extracted, the ore must be carefully refined to separate the precious metals from the other minerals. Despite its rarity and the challenges involved in extracting it, star silver ore remains a highly sought-after commodity, with its demand continuing to grow.

Starsilver Ore Locations

Starsilver ore locations are only found in Dragonspine, the cold, mountainous region added in update 1.2. It’s harvested by breaking sparkling ore nodes, which regenerate about two days after being hurt. An overview of all the locations where you can find a Dragonspine node can be found below:

You’ll need to figure out an efficient farming route, one that requires the least amount of time possible if you need unreasonable amounts. Here’s one path you can follow, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete, and it covers most of the critical points.

Starsilver Ore locations in Genshin Impact

Starsilver ore locations 1: A path covered in snow

This is the most common place to fine silver. Players can find lots of star silver on this path. A new one spawns every 48 hours. Players can discover around ten-star silver on this path.

Starsilver ore locations 2: Snow-covered path is to the south

The star silver deposit south of the snow-covered path offers a bunch of ores within a short period.

Location 3: North of the warmest valley

Two-star silver deposits are located in Warmest Valley’s mountains. Each contains over 12-star silver. Genshin Impact’s most significant star silver source is from these two deposits.

Location 4: Located west of Warmers Valley

Near the river coast in the outermost part of the valley, there are eight to ten deposits of silver.

Location 5: Entombed City Outskirts’ northern waypoint

This location contains eight to ten starsilver ores.

Location 6: Ancient palace east of Entombed City

The city palace is located near the river banks down the mountain hill from entombed city palace. Teleport to the statue of the seven to get to this location quickly and easily. Gliding all the way down from there will take you there.

Location 7: Entombed City Outskirts’ southern waypoint

After teleporting to the nearest way point, follow the above marker to reach this location. The location is within walking distance of the way point.

Location 8: The cavern south of Star glow

Players should teleport to the eastern Star glow Cavern way point and glide down to the shore to reach this location.

Location 9: Dragonspine is southeast of here

Players can teleport to the starglow cavern point and glide down the hill to reach this location. The ores respawn every 48 hours in these locations in Genshin Impact. Using just ten sites, it is possible to harvest over 60 ores in a single day. The star silver can be mined from other players’ worlds in Genshin Impact without waiting for the respawn cooldown.

Starsilver Ore uses

A new resource in Genshin Impact is Starsilver ore, which can be found and used to craft new weapons and armor. At the time of writing, two new weapons require Starsilver Ore to craft and, of course, Warming Bottles. For the players, Genshin Impact’s Starsilver ore locations will help the art and upgrade new weapons. Genshin Impact’s Starsilver ore locations is Dragonspine. This is the only location where players can collect Starsilver, and they will have to wait until they respawn once they have completed the area.

In its description, Starsilver is described as “A rare and precious ore derived from the unique geographical conditions and the Ley Lines of Dragonspine.” The respawn time for Starsilver can be up to 2 days once it is collected. The following items can be made with Starsilver:

Dragonspine Weapons:

You need to complete specific tasks to unlock the blueprints for these two weapons.

Dragonspine Spear:

You can only obtain this blueprint after completing Festering Fang’s world quest. One Northlander Polearm Prototype, 50 Starsilver Ore, and eight Vitalized Dragon teeth are required.

Star silver Tomb-tombed:

This blueprint can only be obtained by finding all the ancient carvings in Dragonspine. Northlander Claymore prototype, 50 Starsilver ores, and 50 crystal chunks are needed.

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To begin with, Starsilver Ore is used in the game as a material tool for crafting weapons. Those unfamiliar with the game will only be able to find this material in the Dragonspine area, the newest addition to the world. The Windblume Festival might make this material more attractive to players now. Players must find 3 Starsilver Ore to continue a side quest.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Starsilver ore locations?

In Genshin Impact, Starsilver Ore is a crafting material. Several crafting recipes use this mineral, which is a necessary component for the ascension of several weapons. This mineral is only found in Dragonspine due to its unique weather conditions and ley lines.

What is the respawn time for Starsilver ore?

According to the description of Star silver, it is a precious ore formed by the unique geographical conditions and ley lines of Dragonspine. It can take up to 2 days for Starsilver to respawn after being collected. Warming Bottle. Star silver is helpful for all these items: Warming Bottle.

When will Genshin’s map be enlarged?

During the development of a game, plans can always change, and labels may be interpreted differently. If the map is actual, Genshin Impact’s map will eventually be much larger than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or most games for that matter.

When does Genshin respawn in Starsilver?          

The ores in Genshin Impact respawn every 48 hours at these locations. It is possible to farm 60 ores in a single day with the ten sites. It is possible to cultivate faster in Genshin Impact by mining star silver from other players’ worlds without waiting for the respawn to cool down.