Shade curtain is one of the popular and practical curtain models
Shade curtain is one of the popular and practical curtain models

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Jawad Ali

The Shade curtain is one of the popular and practical curtain models, which has been favored by the public in recent years due to its variety of designs such as three-dimensional shade curtains and various dimensions, as well as its ease of use and good features. This curtain is also called double roll curtain or night and day curtain.

The shade curtain is made of net and fabric, and its structure is such that the fabric and net are placed side by side in parallel and stripes. This is the most important feature of this curtain. In fact, this feature has made it possible for people to control the amount of light entering the environment. In the future, we will be with you with more explanations and various models of 2022 shade curtains…

An introduction to the screen

. One of the practical and decorative accessories that is used to beautify the interior decoration of homes and commercial and office companies is the curtain.

Shed curtain is one of the modern and beautiful curtains that has a lot of variety. This variety makes the price of video shade roll curtains different.

Therefore, in the following, we intend to reveal the features and differences and explain Zebra to you dear ones. You can visit Demonic store to view and buy different types of curtains.

What is a shade curtain?

The word shade in English means shade, and shade curtains are used to create shadows on windows. Shade curtain or double shade roll ( Shade Roll ) is a kind of shutter curtain and it is available in the market in printed, simple, patterned, two mechanism, etc. models.

This type of curtain consists of a layer of fabric that rotates around an axis. To adjust the light of the space, the curtain can be pulled up or down around the axis installed above the window. The shade curtain is installed in such a way that it is completely placed in the window frame.

In the past, this type of curtain was generally made of a simple single color fabric. But today these curtains are produced in various materials such as cotton, linen, polyester and fabric curtains . Today, the shade curtain is one of the most popular types of this curtain.

Shade curtains

Shade curtains are made of different materials such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, bamboo, Solid (pvc fabric) and… Each of these materials has different transparency, if its thickness is low, the curtain is more transparent and more light enters the space, and as a result, it adds a special beauty to the interior of the house.

On the office shade, you can print the business logo and brand, personal pictures, landscape and nature, company logo, etc.

Also, the desired images can be printed on both sides of the bamboo shade curtains. We suggest using bamboo roll shades in the bedroom or children’s room.

By printing the desired design on both sides of this curtain, you can bring a pleasant atmosphere to the person.

Shade roll curtain features

Ability to print desired images: One of the very interesting advantages of this type of curtain is that you can print your desired image on it. And if it is transparent, it will appear like a transparent picture frame on the window.

Double sided: images can be printed on both sides. For this reason, it can be used in an open kitchen or shop window.

Easy control: Another advantage of this type of curtain is how to control it manually and by motor (remote control). which is a good option for use in smart homes.

Wide variety of designs and colors: shade curtains can be used in a simple and monochromatic way or combined with other curtains.

Covering the window and inside the house: In addition to their beautiful appearance, shade roll curtains also increase the security of a place. The foam-backed shade curtain is one of these types of curtains that prevent light from entering the interior. Therefore, it prevents energy loss and blinds the view from the outside to the inside of the house.

Easy and fast installation: One of the most important advantages is its easy and fast installation.

Easy washing: The ability to wash this curtain is one of its good features. And it can be easily dusted with a damp cloth. And wash it if needed.

Can be used in different weather conditions: in the hot cities of Iran, especially in the southern cities of Iran, installation of blinds prevents the heat of the sun from entering. And it also prevents the coolness of the cooler from going out. These curtains help to balance the ambient temperature.

Waterproof: Some of these curtains have waterproof properties. which can be used in the swimming pool or sauna, etc.

Installation of shade roll curtains

It is very easy to install this curtain and you can easily do it yourself after buying by reading this part of the article. Before starting the work, prepare the tools needed to install the curtain:

screw driver

Pencil, for marking

Screw and roll plate size 4 or 5

Drill with a size 4 or 5 drill bit

meter, to measure

Four legs to stand on

Curtains and special installation bases

In the next step, you need to choose the installation location of the curtain. Installation is done in two ways inside the frame or outside the frame.

Installing this type of curtain inside the frame

For this, put the ceiling supports in the arch of the window frame and mark the location of the screw with a pencil (the curtain can also be installed on the window frame with the help of wall supports).

To install within the frame, observe the following:

If the width of the curtain is large, you must use 3 bases.

Check the window during installation. so that when opening and closing the window, the handle does not get stuck on the curtain.

Connect the ceiling mounts to the window arch using roll plate screws and the wall mounts to the window frame with self-tapping screws.

Finally, guide the curtain into the legs with a slight upward pressure.

Installation outside the framework

Installation outside the framework is the same as the previous method, you only need to keep the following things in mind:

If you want the curtain to hang from the ceiling, use ceiling supports. Also, the curtain can be installed on the wall with the help of wall supports, keeping a distance of at least 10 cm from the top of the window frame.

At the end, put the curtain inside the bases.

Shade curtain price per meter

The cost to buy this type of curtain depends on the type of fabric and its engine. The price of a double shade, the price of a kitchen shade curtain, the price of a roll shade curtain, etc. is calculated based on square meters. And its exact price is calculated and announced after choosing the material, engine, color, etc.