Seven Apps That Are For Tech-Savvy

The current times can easily, and very rightfully, be termed the era of mobile app development. Since everything is done with the help of the smartphone, there might only be a small number of people who are not mobile apps.

Android and iOS Apps

The statistics for the first quarter of 2022 show that the Google Play Store offers about 3.48 million apps belonging to various categories to its users. Meanwhile, Apple App Store stands second with approximately 2.22 million apps for iOS users.

The plethora of apps on Android and iOS platforms often make it extremely difficult for users to decide which app to download on the phone. Luckily, numerous filters let people gauge any app’s trustworthiness, usability, and practicality.

Besides the download statistics and ratings on both the app stores, online reviews primarily help decide which app to get on the phone and which one to skip. One such example is online AirG reviews, which deem all the developers’ apps as the best usefulness and practicality.

Apps for the Tech-Savvy

Once you are done with checking out the reviews of the apps and narrowing down certain apps for download, you can proceed to download them and see if they work for you. One of the most significant advantages of dividing mobile apps into categories is efficiently targeting the right audience group.

An educational or learning app targets the students or professionals in the teaching field, and in this way, they can skip all other categories and land on the one they might require.So, if this category is for you, let us not wait any longer! We have all the apps that might appeal to mobile geeks or tech-savvy people.

1.      Feedly

Most mobile users are already aware of this app as it is trendy. It is like a one-stop place for all the blogs and websites you follow to keep up-to-date with the world. This app has impressive features, such as organizing the news and blogs according to your preference.

By having Feedly on your phone, there is no need to have many other news or blog apps on your phone. It is a consolidated place for all your updates. Another best thing about this app is its minimalistic interface that makes reading easier and without distractions.

Sharing links or articles is also extremely easy with Feedly, and with its synchronizing feature across all devices, you can never miss out on anything no matter where you are. The explore option in the app lets you dive across the endless ocean of infinite sources of news and updates that you can add to your collection.

2.      Electronics Lovers

It is a highly rated app on the Google Play Store, launched in 2011. It is the best app for students and tech-savvy providing easy access to electronic articles, guides, and ideas. It is a great idea to excite talented students and encourage them to pursue their interests.

Electronics Lovers offers so much tech-savvy that it is a very high rating on the play store. This app is a hub of pre-built Arduino libraries, DIY projects and guides, technology books, and free tutorials. It also has a search option that lets users explore various categories, including IoT, PCB, tech news, electrical engineering, computing, Arduino, etc.

3.      IP Tools

This app stands true to what its name suggests. It appeals to all the tech-lovers and mobile geeks out there who are probably very interested in delving into everything related to network connection, such as protecting phone numbers from being compromised. By using the tools in this app, users can determine all information about their network connection, such as public and private IP, MAC address, precise location according to the global IP database, gateway, and lots of other things.

It also offers a thorough Whois Search, revealing information about a whole domain, including the domain owner’s name, address, and contact number. It also lets you do a Ping test and a Traceroute, which lets you know the network path a packet has taken to reach any IP/Host sent from your network.

4.      TechCrunch

Most of us are very familiar with this name. TechCrunch has been the most credible tech news app since 2005, when Michael Arrington launched it. It has about 15M active users and approximately 4,000+ reviews on the Play Store.

TechCrunch is your go-to place, whether it is any startup news from Silicon Valley, launching some new gadgets, authentic app reviews, and much more. It is also integrated with Crunchbase, which has a plethora of information about all the leading businesses and ideas.

5.      MoneyView

Money management is not easy. We all have a lot of pressure since the start of the month regarding balancing expenditures and savings. Another handy app for the tech-lovers who wish to have an app that looks after their money matters is MoneyView.

With this app on your phone, you can sit back and relax while MoneyView syncs with your SMS bank alerts and incorporates them into your monthly planning. It also lets you set various reminders regarding monthly billings, cash spending, etc.

You can also customize your monthly expenditures in various categories and make your life easier than before. A separate option for a green account lets you transfer and lock your money for saving purposes.

6.      Newsy

Newsy is the simplest yet most effective news and updates app. It offers a video on demand option and lets you explore the day’s top news. It is among the top viewed apps in the US and secured a position in Apple TV’s best apps of 2015.

Newsy covers the latest news on various topics, including technology, entertainment, science, and politics.

7.      Poweramp

Poweramp is for tech-savvy music lovers. It is one of the top trending apps among music lovers. With its high-quality interface and a broad range of options that let users customize equalizer settings and use inbuilt presets, Poweramp is quickly becoming very popular.

To quench the thirst of tech-lovers, Poweramp offers features that edit the Meta info of any music track, such as artist, title, etc.

The Peak of the App Industry

Technology lovers are always searching for something that sparks their interests. If other people download apps for fun, tech-savvy love the complicated ones that lead them to the latest news, tech updates, new apps and features, security updates, etc. These enlisted apps are highly rated on their respective platforms and are useful.