PMC Green Listed Universities in China

China’s top medical university for Pakistani students.

After graduation, Pakistani students embark on a long journey to enter a medical university and realize their dream of becoming a doctor. After applying for medical entrance exams, candidates rush to testing centers and spend months preparing for the exam.

According to reports, the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), in its 13 medical colleges and five dental colleges across the country and the AJC, simultaneously organized entrance examinations for MBBS/BDS 2020 courses for which around 50,000 candidates applied.

However, only a small percentage of these students were selected for admission to these medical and dental colleges, while the rest had to look for other options. Every year, many students drop out because of the limited number of places in medical colleges in Pakistan. Prospective students then look for other options and look for foreign universities where they could study the MBBS program.

China presents itself as a potential country willing to admit these students to universities that are not only accredited by WDOMS, WFME, WCAME, FAIMER, ECFMG, and PMC A-list, but also have a good reputation worldwide.

We have compiled a PMC Green Listed Universities in China to help you choose an MBBS in China. China is listed in 1 country and the universities provided by Web Consultants are listed in the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) A list.

List of universities in China that are included in the PMC list of universities.

A recent PMC tweet about unrecognized and unaccredited medical and dental colleges reads: “All applicants to medical and dental colleges abroad are advised to check HEC-recognized medical and dental colleges, only A-listed colleges offer direct admission. All other categories are not recognized to the same extent and therefore HEC publishes different admission procedures.”

The following 107 Chinese medical universities are currently on the HEC A list:

Nanchang University

South China University

Dalian Medical University

Qingdao University

Hunan Normal University

Qiqihara Medical University

Hebei University

China Medical University

Shandong University

Wuhan University

Xi’an Jiaotong University

Harbin Medical University

Jiangsu University

Nanjing Medical University

Lanzhou University

Peking University

Guizhou Medical University

Anhui Medical University

Capital Medical University

Chongqing Medical University

Jinzhou Medical University

Jinan University

Three Gorges University of China

Ningbo University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Guangdong Medical University

Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hebei Medical University

Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Xi’an Medical University

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Zhejiang Medical University

Gannan Medical University

Giling Medical University

Hangzhou University of Science and Technology

Hubei Institute of Science and Technology

Hubei Minjou University

Mudanjiang Medical University

Bengbu Medical University

Binzhou Medical College

Changzhi Medical College

Chengdu Medical University

Guangdong University of Pharmacy

Hangzhou Normal University

North China University of Science and Technology (formerly known as Hebei United University)

Jilin Medical University (formerly known as Beihua University)

Hubei Hubei Medical University

Inner Mongolia Medical University

Jiangang University

Luoyang Medical College

Nanjing University

Northwest University of Nationalities

Shenzhen University

Yichun University

Yujiang Provincial Ethnic Minority Medical University

Zunyi Medical University

North Hebei University

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Shantou University

Sichuan University

Sun Yat-sen University

Anhui University of Science and Technology

Baotou Medical University

Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wannan Medical University

Dalian University

Hainan Medical University

Hebei University of Engineering

Jiamusi University

Jinggangshan University

Jingping Medical University

Jiujiang University

Kunming Medical University

Ningxia Medical University

Dali University

Southern Medical University

Tianjin Medical University

Changsha Medical School

Chengde Medical University

Shanxi Medical University

Shenyang Medical School

Shihezi University

Soochow University

Southeast University

Southwest Medical University

Tongji University

Weifang Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

Xiamen University

Xinjiang Medical University

Suzhou Medical University

Yangtze University

Yangzhou University

Zhengzhou University

Guangxi Medical University

Nantong University

Hunan China Medical University

South Central University

Fujian Medical University

Gansu TCM University

Guangzhou Medical University

Hubei University of Science and Technology

Beijing Union Medical College

Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

North Sichuan Medical College

It is recommended to study only at PMC A-list, and List 1 universities, not at B-list or C-list universities. In addition, students enrolled in MBBS programs at PMC B or C list universities can avail of excellent opportunities to transfer to PMC A list universities with the help of online counselors.

Migration of Pakistani students from MBBS to PMC A-list universities in China.

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