Mike Wazowski draws in just 6 easy steps! Monsters, Inc. was a movie that thrilled animation fans of all ages since its release in 2001. Since then, characters and concepts from this classic Pixar film have appeared in a prequel, TV series, video games, and much more. The two main characters are the intimidating but kind Sully and his sarcastic and clever friend Mike Wazowski. Drawing for kids

Mike has become one of Pixar’s most popular characters thanks to his simple yet effective design and quick wit. Fans everywhere love to learn how to draw Mike Wazowski so they can put him in unique situations! If you like this character, you will have fun with this step-by-step guide on how to draw Mike Wazowski.

How to Draw Mike Wazowski – Allows Contact Initiated!

Step 1

Mike’s body is small and round, and it doubles as his face and head! We’ll start by describing his body in this first step of our guide on how to draw Mike Wazowski. Mike’s body shape would best be described as “egg-shaped,” but he is quite egg-shaped and chubby. You can remove the slightly narrower top of her body using curved lines and then add the wider base. One of Mike’s most distinctive features is his single large eye, and now we’ll draw that as well. Just like your body, your eye is not a perfect circle. Instead, it’s a slightly flattened oval shape, and you can add it near the top of his head. Once you are done with all these details, you are ready for step 2!

Step 2: Following, remove some regard and head details.

With the outline of his body drawn, we’ll start working on some eye and head details for this part of your Mike Wazowski drawing. First, we’re going to focus on your eye. To do this, draw a medium-sized circle inside your eye. Then draw a solid black circle inside with a small white process for the glow in your eye. Next, we’ll draw his mouth. Use a flat but slightly curved line for the top, and then draw an arched curved line underneath. Finally, we’ll finish this step by adding his two little horns to the top of his head with some little curved lines that have a blunt tip at the top.

Step 3: Add even more face details in this step.

For the third part of this guide on drawing Mike Wazowski, we will add more details about his face. Again, we’ll form with your eye. Begin by removing a curved bar down. Next, we’ll add a few more lines above his eye to give it a more wrinkled look around him. Once you’re done with the eye outline, we’ll add some details to her mouth. First, use curved lines on his mouth’s top and bottom edges for his sharp teeth. We will add a round shape between them for his tongue sitting there. Then go to step 4!

Step 4: Now, draw Mike’s legs.

Mike is starting to look like the monster we now know and love! He still needs some tricks, so we’ll add them in this step and next to his drawing of Mike Wazowski. It has two rather slender legs and small sharp claws at the end of its fingers. You can use curved lines for the outlines of her legs; as seen in the reference image, they will point in opposite directions.

Step 5: Finish your drawing of Mike Wazowski.

Now is the time to finish this picture, so you are ready to have fun coloring in the next step of our guide on how to draw Mike Wazowski. We’ll finish by adding his arms hanging by his side. Use curved lines to draw her lean hanging arms and add pointy nails to her fingertips! You can also change the position of his arms for different poses. Maybe one of his hands could hold a microphone since Mike likes to do stand-ups! If you’re feeling ambitious, maybe you could find pictures of his best friend Sully and draw him with Mike. These are just a few ideas, but there are plenty of ways to add fun touches to this image. We can’t wait to see your creative communications!

Step 6: Finish your drawing of Mike Wazowski with some color

We are now going to finish this drawing by Mike Wazowski with some color. Mike leans to stand deviation, as he has a cheerful, innocent flush assignment.