Marketing Strategies

Working as an independent artist and striving to popularize your artwork is not a piece of cake. Given that you need to handle marketing, on the one hand, to even create your art form on the other, there is often too much that may weigh you down.  

You may have come across several marketing articles and magazines but have always felt they hardly ever work for you. I recently met a musician at the Rush Escape Room during my last game. He works as an independent artist, and here’s what he shared with me: 

  1. Growing your market 

One of the most vital factors that every independent artist needs to consider is growing their market. You need to move even beyond the boundaries of your artistic circle and expand your reach outside it.  

Getting involved and participating in different community events or programs can help you do it. This way, you can get to know more people outside your circle who may buy your artwork.  

  1. Enhance your online presence  

Creating and focusing on your online presence has become almost mandatory in this digital era. You can find people checking their social media feed nearly every minute or looking up something on the internet. So, building your online presence and promoting your art there will help you to get discovered. Now, your reach can spread far beyond just your neighborhoods!  

However, simply creating your social media page is not enough. You must regularly post photos and videos of your art form so people can see it. You can also benefit from checking your social media insights to understand your audience better and satisfy them.  

  1. Articulate your art in words 

Illustrating your distinctive art form in words can help you make a statement and create your authority before people. People always like to hear facts like what motivates an artist to complete their art form.  

Being expressive about your art and letting your viewers know about your artistic inclination can help you grow your career as an independent artist. It does not always need to be a significant and fat paragraph about your art, but just a few lines where you talk about what drives you to create it.  

  1. Making your YouTube channel 

People love checking out different videos on YouTube. While you do not necessarily have to become a YouTube influencer, you can use it to spread your art amongst interested viewers.  

Creating your YouTube channel will help you promote your artistic skills effectively worldwide. Over time, you can gain several fans and followers on YouTube, who will love to watch your art!  

  1. Leverage a monthly or weekly newsletter 

Many independent artists often rely on leveraging their monthly or weekly newsletters to gain a wider reach than earlier. You can mail them to your prospective audience regularly.  

Sending out newsletters weekly or monthly will help you to remain connected with your followers, collectors, friends, or fans. It will also notify them each time you create something new! 

  1. Take care of your fans 

Independent artists often focus so much on gaining a new audience that they forget about their old fans. Ensure that you never end up doing the same. Did you know that maintaining a good relationship with your existing audience can help you gather new ones?  

You see, people who already love and enjoy your art are the ones who will recommend the same to their friends and acquaintances. This way, taking care of and nurturing your existing fanbase can help you gain more audience over time!  

While marketing your art form as an independent artist seems a tough job, you can make it easier with the help of these few strategies. So, go ahead and try them out!