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Last Updated on March 18, 2024 by Aiman Emaan

Cartoons can be considered as a getaway from the daily hustles of life for people. Not only people but adults too watch cartoons with great excitement and interest. Cartoons can be a way to get rid of our boring, depressing and confining lives. But it is obvious that in today’s time we will definitely not want to pay to watch cartoons as it will put an unnecessary load on our pockets so the cartoon lovers will look for sites where they can watch cartoons online free of cost.

One such site is Kisscartoon; you can guess from its name itself that this site provides cartoon shows to its users for which they do not have to pay anything. It is like a large phone book where you can find contents that you want to watch. This site contains over 5,000 cartoons which includes famous and incredible cartoons like Batman, Beavis and Butt-head, The Tom and Jerry, The Looney tunes show, King of the Hill, Justice League, X-men and many others too.

 Also, the content available is quite wonderful as it is available in a good quality and is easily accessible too.

There are several mirror sites of the Kisscartoon too, so we will have a look at them too. – Speed: Very Fast; SSL: On – Speed: Very Fast; SSL: On – Speed: Very Fast; SSL: Off – Speed: Very Fast; SSL: Off – Speed: Very Fast; SSL: Off

Alternative sites to the Kisscartoon site that could be useful for the users –

Alternative sites to the Kisscartoon site that could be useful for the users –

Now, there could be some reasons because of which the Kiss Cartoon site might not be working; the reasons could be the geo restrictions or some other reasons. So, we will look at some of the alternative sites of kisscartoonwhich could be useful for the users and they can watch cartoons without any difficulties.

Kiss Anime

This site is just like a sister site of the Kisscartoon site as it has a similar name like it and it has specialization in Japanese Anime which is often decorated by the colourful graphics, vibrant characters as well as fantastical and engaging themes. The layout as well as the design of this site is very similar to the site of Kiss –Cartoon mentioned above. The users will not feel strange or alien with this site.

Watch Cartoons Online

This website is very simple and easy which makes it easier for the users to discover new things and the content they want to watch on the site. The users can browse page by page through the long catalog of the cartoons or can also search for specific cartoons by simply typing its name in the search box.

Cartoon Extra

This site is very fun and users will enjoy it very much with a large collection of popular cartoons as well as movies and comics too. The content quality of the cartoons or movies on this site is always amazing and has a good resolution. Cartoons like Spongebob Square pants, adventure time, the lord house, regular show, Dora the explorer and many other fascinating cartoons.

Anime Toon

Anime Toon can also be considered as an amazing alternative to Kisscartoon Free site and could prove to be the best online streaming site of cartoons for you. There is an Android app available for this app too so you can watch the cartoons online anywhere and anytime virtually. However you won’t get the app from play store but can find it through links available for it, so it would not be bad if you pay a visit to it.


It is a bittorrent tracker with all things Japanese and is publicly available. The users can use this site to download Japanese video games, anime, software, live action movies and TV shows also and you can download as well as watch content with a high speed too which will not keep you waiting for buffering.