Artist Drawing

How to Draw An Artist. Art is very diverse and difficult to define. People might have different ideas about what constitutes art and what does not, but it can evoke strong emotions!

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Art would not exist without artists, and the beauty is that anyone can create art. In this how-to-draw an artist guide, we’re going to put a fun twist on the process by creating some artwork depicting an artist!

If you’re an art lover, this should be a fun tutorial to work with! Eventually, you can create a representation of a classic artist type.

How to Draw An Artist

Step 1

Anyone can be an artist, meaning there would be many opportunities for artistic expression! For this guide to drawing an artist, we’re going to draw a classic rendition of him.

It looks like this artist is working on a classic French painting! To start, let’s draw his head and scarf to Draw An Artist.

Use some smooth lines for her face contour, then add her puff cap on her head. She can use spicier lines for her spiky hair that sticks out on the sides.

Draw more curved lines for the scarf that wraps around her neck, and then use straighter lines for the scarf that goes over her shoulder.

Step 2

Using the outline of the head you started in the previous step of this artist’s drawing, we can now start adding her facial details.

He has quite an intense facial expression to show that he takes his craft very seriously! You can depict his facial expression using simple lines for his eyes, nose, mouth, and curly mustache.

Next, let’s draw the chest of her baggy sweater and add some curvy texture lines.

He’ll punch a palette for his colors in the right hand, and you can also draw it as a rounded shape to Draw An Artist.

Step 3

For this third step of our guide to drawing an artist, we will draw the hand holding the brush and the waist of his sweater.

First, you can draw the rest of the sleeve for the left arm and then let his hand grab his thin brush.

Next, elongate her waist with a few more curvy lines and draw a border at the base of her sweater. Once these have been drawn, we can proceed to step 4 to Draw An Artist!

Step 4

Now it’s the moment to tighten the legs of his pants. He’s wearing basic pants, so adding them to your artist’s drawing should be easier!

You can use some slightly curving lines to draw his straight-leg pants going down. Next, we’ll add some line detail across the pant legs to make them look like they’re made of fabric.

We won’t see his feet yet, but we’ll draw them along with all the final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5

Finally, to complete all the diagrams in this guide to drawing an artist, let’s add his shoes. You can use some smooth lines to create her simple shoes at the base of her pants, as we did in our reference image to Draw An Artist.

Draw An Artist

Once you’ve drawn her shoes, you can continue! You can even add some of your ideas and extra details.

A fun idea would be to draw the artwork he is working on. You can draw a rectangle on an easel and create what you think he is working on.

What kind of paint do you think this artist can work on? We hope you show us when you finish this drawing to Draw An Artist!

Step 6

In this last step of the guide, you can add some color to this artist’s drawing. In our reference image, we kept the colors of her clothing a little more muted.

Artist Drawing

We used brown for his hat and sweater, green for his scarf, and blue for his pants.

You can use similar colors in your image, but you can use completely different ones if you prefer! When an artist paints, they often get pretty messy to Draw An Artist.

If you have mediums like acrylic paints, add a few pops of color to her outfit to complete the hard-working artist’s look!

Your Artist Drawing is Finished!

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