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Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

Meditation is becoming popular among people nowadays. Most of them are becoming conscious about their health. The majority of users around the globe are using meditation mobile apps to keep their mental health and lifestyle balanced. 

There are many healthcare apps in the market, among which Headspace stands out as the best. Some unique features of the headspace app are a session timer, e-mail reminders, progress tracking, program training, and an app community. 

In recent years, the number of meditation practitioners has tripled, with total revenue of $4.07 billion worldwide by 2022.

Mental health apps are indeed making a considerable profit out of their app. If you are a business owner and want to develop a healthcare app like headspace, you can consult a healthcare app development company about creating an engaging healthcare app. 

This blog will guide you in developing a healthcare app like headspace. 

Let’s discuss it!

Steps To Develop a Healthcare App Like Headspace

1) Market Research

There is no substitute for market research. To develop a successful mobile app like headspace, you must conduct thorough market research. 

With the help of market research, you learn about market trends, analyze your competitors, market risk, your USP, etc. 

It will help you grab all the ideas you can implement to make a unique and efficient business app to maximize business growth.

2) Choosing the Right App Development Company

After you have done the market research, it’s time to search for the best mobile app development firm to help you develop an app.

When it comes to business, choosing the right development company is equally important because one wrong choice can impact your entire business.

Apart from this, you can choose the platform (Android or iOS) you want to launch your app or choose between a hybrid or native app development model.

3) Adding Features & Functionality

Before you develop an app, plan for the features and functionality you want to add to the app. Good market research and competitor analysis help you gather multiple features and functionality you can add to your app. 

You must check for multiple tech stacks for the development process, like IDE, platform, and programming language. All these tech stacks depend on the app development process, i.e., native or hybrid.

4) App Testing

In this stage, you can ask the mobile app development firm to check the app on various platforms (Android and OS). The development company also checks the beta version of the app to collect user experience from users. Based on the feedback, you can work on the app accordingly and launch the final app. 

But before the final launch, you must be aware to get the app tested from the QA team to check whether the app is facing any technical issues or having bugs. If the testing team has rectified some bugs, get these fixed and proceed with the launch.

5) Maintenance & Support

Developing and launching the app is not your final task. You have to provide a regular update and nurture the app as per the user’s requirements. Good support and maintenance help the app from bugs and run smoothly. 

Apart from this you can’t provide your users with the old app. You need to provide regular updates to ensure they use the latest version of your app and have a great experience.


Nowadays, people are busy with their jobs and daily life. They don’t get enough time for themselves, which affects their mental health. 

Developing a healthcare app like headspace can do wonders for them. You can look at the healthcare app development guide to know more about healthcare apps and how they can be helpful to users.

Hopefully, this post has helped you know the essential steps to developing a healthcare app like headspace.

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